Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take a stroll along Marketplace from elegant to the beach

There are just days I want to walk along Marketplace and just have a look if I can find some good finds there. And I have never been disapointed I must say!
So let me share my finds with you ladies.
This elegant mesh dress is by Annalee Balut (ALB) and it is totally free on Marketplace. The name of the dress is Cariba Alpha gown. The shoes are included. The lovely hair& mouth butterfly is from the 10 L$ gatcha machine at Nostal.
And this lovely cream and brown gown is by Liwen. This lovely gown is 1 L$.
The next cocktail dress is by Qidem and it is called Nora dress. The lovely jewlery is a promo by B&A and it is just 1 L$.

This lovel red gown is by Diana and it is called Sultry red gown.
Over to the lovely mesh Sequin dress by Yako. 1 L$ for this lovely dress.
And this Mesh Zebra dress was 1 L$ but I checked it just now and it is 50 L$....Also by Yako. Well 50 L$ is still not much...
The next red cocktail dress is by FairytailPimp and it is a mesh dress and for 1 L$ are the flats and necklace included.
Then I found this MESH wedding gown by T1LS. It is so beautiful, you really have to see this one ladies. 1l$ for this lovely dress, including the veil. sexy stockings and shoes.

And if you want beautiful hair to wear with this gown you could grab the Leia hair by Edelstore. I adjusted the color in edit -> texture -> color (click edit linked parts to change the pearls back to white) and made the hair red.

The Aurora Augusta creation dress is a perfect dress for a winter bride, but you can ofcourse also wear it as a cocktail dress.
And this lovely jewelry set by Maum (1 L$)  wil go great with the wedding dresses but also with your elegant gowns.
Another great find  is this Tourmaline set by Pulse.
I found quite a lot on Marketplace ladies. I found a GREAT swimmer animation for free. Which is perfect for summer ! It is by Thor''s Oak and it is actually for guys...but females can use it too. You can use this animation with the Anchors away bikini I found on Marketplace or the vintage patriot bikini, also available on Marketplace.

Or you can get this great kaftan outfit by BII (called BII Mesh beach Kaftan Summermix) which it totally free. Style it with great loop earrings and some bangles and you are ready to go for a day on the beach. For example with the lovely bangles by JCF.
Or you can wear this great gold jewelry set with your beach outfit to add a little glam. This lovely set is by C&C and it is called Lullaby set. Poses are by Frozen Poses.
The cute beach sandalse by +9 will go great with the beach outfits.
Or you can go for the Jamie sandals by Sole Sisters, which will also go great with a day on the beach. 1 L$ for these wooden clogs.
That was all for today leadies, I will invite you to another stroll along Marketplace soon!