Friday, August 3, 2012

Designer Circle, Siria's Fashion Room, hunts at Luzifee, LC design and SLC

The Designer Cricle has a shop in which some great Second Life designers put one or more of their designs for sale for just 100 L$ or less. For us SL residents it is a great way to get to know the designs of the designers for a very low price! Today I got this very cute dress by Barely Legal. The dress is called Talented bitch and you can find it at the Designer Circle.
The skin I am wearing is the beautiful Anna skin by WoW skins. They have a 50% sale, so if you want an excelent skin for a low price go have a look!
Another designer who is participating in the Designer Circle is Phoebe. They have great piercings and the belly piercing is just 1 L$ at the Designer Circle.

Phoebe also has these lovely necklace and earrings sets at the Designer Circle, for just 100 L$ or less. The set comes in many colors, just showing you 3 of the possibilities.
The same principle goes for Siria's Fashion room: a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs there for just 100 L$ or less ! So go shopping ladies, 100 L$ won't break the bank and you have a great way to get to know the designers !
So&So is participating in Siria's Fashion room and they have this GREAT tattoo there for you...
Or you can get this very sexy dress by Angela Ronsein at Siria's Fashion room ! The dress is called Grazia.
I got these lovely pearl earrings by Incognito in the FabFree group. The earrings are part of a whol;e Royal Pearl collection which you can buy at the store.
Over to Luziefee. Luz is participating in 2 hunts this month, the Grim brothers meet 2012 hunt and the PFH hunt. If you find the hunt item (an apple) of the Grimm Brothers meet 2012 hunt at the Luzifee store you will get this lovely gown ! Or if you are a male, you will ge this great pair of pants with jacket! The beautiful hair is by Calico Ingmann Creations and available at the Designer Circle Store Less than 100 L$ for the fatpack). The shoes are Aura by N-Core (not free).

If you find the hunt item (a clocks face) at the Luzifee Store in the PFH (Past & Future) hunt you will get this sexy mesh dress in gold ! The beautiful hair is by Hair shop Nodoka (group gift item). The skin I am wearing today is the WoW Anna skin. Bangles are an older gift, no longer available.
Then I got a teleport offer from one of my readers, Starliredragon. She teleported me to a stoe called LC Design and they have plenty lucky boards at the store ! I got the next 2 dresses from their lucky boards.

LC Design has some beautiful jewelry for free to wear with these lovely dresses ladies ! I love diamonds...and you get a necklace, earrings and a belly piercing for free.

LC Design also has an outlet where you can get their discounted   outfits. I got some dollarbies there. Most is older stuff which I remember from my early Second Life days, but still very wearable and cheap !

Over to Serina Lacava Creations or for short SLC. They have some great new group gifts. This first one is their regular group gift, the second one their VIP group gift. Thank you Tammie for sending me the note :)