Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feeling reasonable desirable?

Let me start today with the lovely new group gift by Sascha's Design. This elegant red and gold gown in beautiful fall tones is free for group members (enrolment fee is 50 L$ but you get about 50 free gowns/dresses, as you get all previous monthly gowns too!).

You can buy extra skirts with this gown (and with al other monthly gowns) for just 75 L$ so you can adjust this gown to your own liking! Here are some options of the gowns you can buy at Sascha's Design:

There are a few hunts ending on August 31st and one of them is the Reasonable Desires Birthday hunt. As a birthday gift they hid 14 checkered cubes at their store and outside. They are quite easy to spot and the gifts are soo sexy and sooo nice! Congratulations Resonable Desires and thank you for the lovely gifts.
Let me show you a few.
The first ones are #1 and #2 in the hunt!

These next 2 outfits are also by Resonable Desires. They are #3 and #4 and all you have to do is find the blocks Resonable Desires has hidden all around the store.

There are a few great gifts hidden at Resonable Desires. I love these Resonable Desires outfits ladies...very sexy! The cute flats are EMO flats by HOC Industries, not free but very affordable.

Another gift by Resonable Desires are these 2 bikinis. You can wear them if you can find block #7 or #8 at Reasonable Desires!

Over to #9 and #10. Two great bodysuits hidden in the cubes by Reasonable Desires. You just have to find them. The bodies can be worn with or without the underlay. Don't forget to look outside at the Resonable Desires store !

The next 2 bikinis are also hidden inside the cubes of the Reasonable Desires hunt. Just find those checkered blocks ladies ! Don't forget this Reasonable Desires hunt ends on August 31st so you have to be fast to find those cubes.

Last 2 are GREAT outfits. The original Bunny costume and a pilot outfit. I love them both. Thank you again Reasonable Desires and congratulations! So go hunting at Reasonable Desires ladies.

Over to Jazzitude. They are participating in the A Walk to Remember hunt (you have to find a purple footprint) and you can find a hint & link page HERE.
Jazzitude has this great gown hidden inside their purple footprint and all you have to do is FIND it...(the jewelry is included)
While you are at Jazzitude don't forget to click their Midnight Mania boards and take a look at their lucky chairs! Below is what I got from them !
I also got these great shurgs from the lucky chairs at Jazzitude girls. I am wearing them with the Ju Charlie boots. My friend Jara was wearing GREAT boots and I was wondering where she got those ! She told me about this tiny shop with great boots and I had to see for myself. WOW they do have GREAT boots! Not free though. The boots I am wearing with the shrug are 650 L$ but you get 3 colors! MESH boots ladies, so you have to use a MESH viewr! Thanks Jara for the tip !