Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A new release and lots of free stuff

Paris Metro has a fun new release ladies, a warm sweater, fun jacket, cute red scarf, short skirt and perfect boots. This outfit is made for fall! It is a new release and in the first week it is on offer for 350 L$. Comes in 4 lovely colors, I am showing you the olive one.

Thinking of Fall...Dirty.Little.Secret has some great wellies in fun colors exclusively for Acid Lily and they are called Sunny Days wellies. They make me smile even on a dark grey fall day.

I heard that Kennedy's had a great offer at the Designer Circle. So I quickly hopped over because this circle only runs till the 10th of November (so don't wait too long!!). Kennedy's offer cute shorts in white and and very sexy skinny jeans too. And remeber: at the Designer Circle everything is 100 L$ or less. I am wearing cute tops by Amitiel et Camael with these jeans and lovely jewelry by Lazuri, the Queen of Hearts set, which is on sale for just 150 L$. Gems and metal are color change. The cute sandals with bare feet are by Tara, they are 200 L$ but you can wear the bare feet with or without sandals.

Then I clicked the Midnight Mania boards at Barely Legal and yes they closed. I got great baggy pants with a pink stripe, which I styled with a cute top by Amitiel et Camael (not free, but very affordable) and with bare feet in sandals which were a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Tara a while ago. They are still for sale for 200 L$ and you can wear the feet with or without the sandals. The jewelry is by Lazuri and on sale for just 150 L$. There are also 4 lucky boards at Barely Legal. I also got the camo outfit with backpack from the Midnight Mania board at Barely Legal.

These skinny (mesh) jeans are also from the Midnight Mania board at Barely Legal and I paired them with the cute free striped tops I got at Amitiel et Camael. The fun booties are from the Midnight Mania board at Black Arts. You can wear the boots with or without the frills.

Amitiel et Camael have a lot of free stuff ladies, and what is not free is very affordable! These two outfits below and the cute tanks are freebies, but take a look around, I know you will be surprised by the fun outfits and the prices.

Over to La Petite Fleur. They have some great (mesh) gifts at their store and they also have a lucky board and I was so lucky to get this very Parisienne outfit...with berret and necklace. The fun sneakers are by Baby Monkey, the leggings by Jane.

The rest of these cardigans and sweaters are gifts at La Petite Fleur. The necklace is an older gift by Mezzo (store closed). The sneakers are by Baby Monkey. The black jeans are free at HOC Industries. Leggings and tanks by Jane (free Intrinsic Tanks)