Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday and not much time to blog

My health is still pretty bad ladies, I can't sit behind the PC for a long time. But I did manage to get some really nice goodies and I did manage to take all the pics and photoshop them and ...ok let me just start blogging :)
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Today I went to Ashmoot and I clicked their Midnight Mania board. They have this cute nude dress inside it, it is totally worth to get your friends over and start clicking. If the board doesn't close: it is also for sale at the store.
And Amitiel et Camael are participating in TAH (hunt) and if you can locate the hunt item at their store you will get this great outfit! The elegant shoes are by HOC Industries (175 L$ for a colorchange pack).
Amitiel en Camael also have a great new group gift: this elegant lingerie body! And don't forget to check out their freebie section!
Over to The Black Event. My dear friend Grace told me about it and she also told me her store Sentou Youssei is participating in this event. All her items there are 10 L$ or less. Today I am showing you just the Christmas black top and hat, tomorrow I will show you all het lovely shoes and dream to a shoe fanatic like me :)
Morea style has changed their group gift and if you are in this group, or if you join it, you will get this lovely dress.
Then I stood at the lucky boards at Ribbon for a while. I swear they forgot to put Rs in those lucky boards ladies, but finally I got one of their great sweaters !! They are also for sale for just 35 L$. There are 3 lucky boards.
Over to the Womenstuff Hunt. This hunt runs till December 1st, then the teeshirts at the stores will change to pink ones and you can start all over again. But till December 1st you have to look for a red sculpted teeshirt and you can find the HINT & LINK page here. I found quite a lot of lovely dresses in this hunt, starting with this cute dress which is hidden inside the red teeshirt at SWAK design. You will get this great red MESH dress if you can find it. Platform shoes by HOC Industries (175 L$ per color change pack)
THe next dress is the hunt gift by WTB and if you like to wear this dress with the matching jewelry, you just have to find the teeshirt at their store !
Then I went to MTC design and I got this elegant white dress there. It is not that hard to locate the red teeshirts ladies, just give  it a go if you like the gifts.
My next stop was at Pixel Perfect and I found this very sweet fall dress inside their red teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt !
And this cute dress is by LeForme. They have this Nippon dress hidden inside their teeshirt. You only have to find it !

Another dress (told you I found plenty!) is hidden inside the teeshirt at Bohemian Gypsy. A lolvely bohemian dress. And the boots are included.
The next store I went to was Flames Fashion and I found this cute pink dress inside the red teeshirt. If you like it too, you just have to find this teeshirt at their store.
Last dress for today was hidden inside the teeshirt at Lola Creations. You will get this cute mesh dress if you find the teeshirt ladies.
But I wasn't done yet...I also found a few very nice top & pants sets in this hunt. Like this one by Dot Be Fashion. I love that top and I love the pants. If you like it too: go hunting!
Or if you like this top & pants set better you have to hop over to Camilla's and find the red teeshirt there ! You will find this set inside it. The hair and hat and the shoes are included.

If you would like another top can find this one inside the teeshirt at Cysleek design. Just find it ladies...
Last one for today is the great skin Essencial has hidden inside their teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt. Happy hunting ladies !