Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A new Designer Circle Round and some more hunting

The Designer Circle started a new round with new great offers from well known designers in Second life ladies. All in the store is 100 L$ or less, so you can fill your inventory with some great designs for a very low price!
One of the designers who is participating in the Designer Circle is Baboom. They have this cute green summer dress, including the shoes and bangles at the Designer Circle.
Baboom also has this cute short jacket with scarf at the Designer Circle on offer. The tank is a freebie by Jane (available in many colors).
Chandelle offers this fun striped dress with jacket at the Designer Circle ladies.
Then I saw this great new release at Sascha's Design. This pants with top set reminds me very much of the Great Gatsby, elegant and timeless. The Pandora set comes in 4 lovely colors and they are just 175 L$ per set. The lovely jewelry is by Lazuri, the set is called Shaina (360 L$ for the whole pearl set, which is color change).
If you love jewerlry as much as I do you really have to take a look at Lazuri ladies. They have a great new group gift available (look below) and they have more free gifts at the store. There is also a 300 L$ gift card for group members (I bought the Shaina pearls with it).
Chop Zuey also has some great new gifts at their store. They have some gifts that need a group tag, but the ones I am showing you below are free (bangles, rings and earrings)
I did some more hunting in the Womenstuff hunt ladies. You can find a HINT & LINK page here and if you decide to do this hunt: you are looking for a red sculpted teeshirt at the participating stores.
If you hop over to Ruxy you will find this lovely gown hidden inside their teeshirt from the hunt and isn't that a great gown to show off your lovely jewelry ?

Another store that has a beautiful gown hidden inside their red teeshirt is Artic Storm. And if you want to wear this gown, you only have to find that red teeshirt. You can wear this gown with or without the shoulder cape. The back is stunning.

This awesome gown is the gift in the Womenstuff hunt by Wild Serenity. If you manage to find the red teeshirt this red gown is yours. Perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties!

Then I found another lovely gown inside one of those red teeshirts and this time it was at Snowpaws. I am showing this gown while using another gift in the Womenstuff hunt, the poses by Posesion Poses.
The next dress is the hunt gift at Storm Crows Design. It is a lovely cockatil dress with roses, stunning. And all you have to do to get this great dress is to find that teeshirt at the store.
To wear with these lovely gowns you could decide to go find the red teeshirt at La Petite Morte, as they hid some lovely make-up inside it !
Or you could wear these great sandals. They are the hunt gift at My Pretty Pixels and you get tons of nailpolish options with these great blue shoes. Just find that teeshirt to get them!
If you like casual wear better than formal, there is enough to find in this hunt. Like this dress by Amour Fasion. It is a lovely mesh dress, perfect to wear to every occasions. And it is hidden insid ethe red teeshirt from the hunt.
J-Stylez are also participating in this hunt and they have this elegant dress as a gift inside their red teeshirt. The lovely red shoes are also a gift in the Womanstuff hunt and you can find them inside the red teeshirt at VG shoes.
Then again some ladies like pants better and these ones are by Fire & Ice. It is a lovely set, with a cute sweater top and elegant flats. Go find that red teeshirt if you like to wear this outfit!
Over to the last one for today. A complete avatar with hair, shoes, clothes, skin, shape and eyes. It is hidden inside the red teeshirt at Ruby skins and you just have to find it to get a complete make-over.

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