Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hunting time !

Lots of hunts started in Second life and what is more fun than hunting? OK no need to anser, I know a lot of things that are much more fun than hunting, but hey...it's a blog and I need to say something here! So back to the fun of hunting. Vero Modero is participating in a LOT of hunts and they have some great gifts hidden inside the hunt objects. Like this very sexy outfit which is the hunt price in the Who's that girl hunt (Dominatrux hunt). Tis hunt runs from November 1st till November 30th. 1 L$ for each hunt item. Boots are by Baby Monkey. The hair is Robbie by Tameless hair.
You can also do the Womenstuff Hunt which runs till December 31st. You have to join the Womenstuff group to get some of the items in the hunt and the enrollment fee is 50 L$. Actually I don't like to pay for a hunt gtoup but like I said SOME items are available without the group tag. You are looking for a red sculpted teeshirt.
Or you can do the Gobble Gobble hunt and you are looking for a turkey in this hunt. The hunt runs till November 30th. Shoes are by Baby Monkey.
The next hunt at Vero Modero is the Giving Thanks hunt. This hunt also runs till November 30th. Shoes are by Baby Monkey.

Another hunt is the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You are looking for a round sculpt with a turkey on it. This hunt runs till November 30th.
The last one at Vero Modero is the Suicide Awareness Hunt. This hunt starts on November 15th and runs till December 15th.
Another store which is participating in the Womenstuff Hunt is 22769. They have hidden a great Mesh dress inside their teeshirt from this hunt. If you can find it you can take a walk with your doggy in this sweet dress, just like I was doing...

Over to The Dirty Turkey Hunt. I found quite a few of those round sculpts with the turkey on it and if you can locate it at Razorblade Jacket you will  get this fun warm sweater and arm warmers to go with the sweater.
Razorblade Jacket is also participating in the FFH hunt and if you find the hunt item this fun teeshirt is yours. I think guys will appreciate it more though.
The next store where I found the Dirty Turkey hunt item was 1Hundred and they also have a fun sweater inside their hunt item. The pasties are included, but you can also wear it without the pasties.
Over to Holli Pocket. They are still thinking of summer and they put this swet knotted tank inside their hunt item from TDTH.
Holli Pocket is also particpating in the HMH hunt and you have to find a snowman to get this fun top and tattoo.
The next stop was Intrepid and they have a cute sexy Mesh dress hidden inside their turkey. You only have to FIND it ladies to wear this sexy dress.
The last one from the TDTH are the great face tattoos by MiWardrobe. It is their gift in this fun hunt.
Then I got the November gift by Baiastice and they are giving all their group members a lovely cropped hoody. Join the group and check past notices. I styled it with a free tank by Jane, with free jeans by HOC Industries and shoes by Baby Monkey.
Last one for today is the great gift ALB has at their store. It is their group gift and it is such a lovely gown. You can also wear it as a short dress. Shoes are included.