Monday, November 12, 2012

New Designer Circle round, some skins, some gifts

The Designer Circle #41 started and this Circle runs till November 24th. So if you see anything you like, do not wait too long ladies ! Everything at the Designer Circle is max 100 L$, so this is the perfect opportunity to fill your inventory with great designs for a low price!
How about this elegant jewelry by Divinity? A beautiful Feline necklace (99 L$) or the beautiful Reflections bracelets (89 L$)? Both are available at the Designer Cirle ladies.
And I am wearing this lovely necklace with te great (mesh) dress by Gorgeous, which is also available at the Designer Cirle (100 L$). The shoes are platform shoes by HOC Industries (not free but very affordable).
The next outfit is by Baboom. They have this great pair of Jeans called Wild Jeans (99 L$) at the Designer Circle and they have a matching blue sweater  (90 L$) too. Perfect for fall ladies !
This top is the item [[Massoom]] has at the Designer Circle. A lovely mesh top in a beautiful fall color and you can grab it for just 80 L$.
If you are wondering what skin I am wearing and which hairdo...I will not keep you guessing. The hairdo is the newest release by Tameless and it is called Storm. I really love you that just-back-from-the-windy-beach look! As usual you can get a one color pack in 4 tones for just 199 L$ or the fatpack for 799 L$, but only in the first week ladies!
Talking about skins: WoW skins has released the new Cindy skins. The Cindy MILK skin #5 is the one I am wearing above. The Cindy skins are beautifull, can't find another word for it. I am showing you the Deep tan version, the middle tone version and the milk version. I am also showing you the Cindy shape which goes perfectly with these beautiful skins.

And this skin is by Dulce Secrets. This skin is called Shelbie and it is only 55 L$ ...

Dulce Secrets is also participating in the Womenstuff Hunt and if you can find the red sculpted teeshirt at their store you will get these great Colene skins in 4 skintones. The make up is lovely. The only thing you need to do now is go hunting :)
Then I got this awesome new release by Paris Metro, called Heart of Flowers. Wow I love this dress, it has a timeless elegance and the fabric looks like satin. The beautiful flowers just make it outstanding! Shoes are by HOC Industries, not free but very affordable (175 L$ for a color change pair of these Platform pumps). The beautiful jewelry is by Alienbear, called Princess Kristelle (not free).
Another store that has a great 60 L$ offer is Camilla's. They have this very elegant gown including the shoes and hair for just 60 L$ ladies. It is mesh though so you need a mesh viewer to see it.
If you are in the Artistry by E group (enrollment fee 1000 L$) you are sooo lucky. They send out many many gifts in this group and these 3 below are the latest ones I got. A jewelry set called I am not a Turkey for Thanksgiving and the test versions for Christmas: beautiful bracelets. They will go great with the gown above or with your favorite jeans. Or as a Christmas gift! You can join the group at the landing point.

The last one for today is AngelRed. I was there for the Womenstuff hunt (blogged yesterday) and they also have a lucky board at the store. The items you get are full perm, so you can modify or change or even give away. I got some great capris and some great jeans and a full avatar including the hair, clothes and shoes, too (which is NOT full perm). The capris and jeans come in many colors, not showing you all. Shoes are by HOC Industries, the tops are by Jane.


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