Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love to be Filthy

Today I heard in the Fabfree group that Filthy is going to concentrate on mesh clothing and that they are having a hughe skin sale. Not only that but for group members they put up a box with ALL previous skin gifts, starting with the March one. The group is closed for the time being and I hear you sigh: so why tell us this? Well for NON group members: you can BUY this box with great skins & shapes for just 1 L$. Below is what you get. The sale runs till December 5th.
Sorry ladies the skin fatpack WAS for sale for 1 L$ but it now is only available for group members.

Then  I got another group gift by Dirty.Little.Secret. The group is due to their anniversary free to join for the time being and there are cool gifts every day. Yesterday elegant boots, today beautiful scarfs.

Another group that has awesome group gifts is Artistry by E. The group has a hughe enrolment fee (1000 L$) but you get so many group gifts that it is well worth while. These beautiful Mazu sets were a gift in group chat. The Autumn Mazu was send out as a group gift.

Over to the Womenstuff Hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very useful. You are looking for a sculpted red teeshirt. Some of the gifts are only available if you wear the Womenstuff Hunt group tag. Joining is 50 L$.
I landed at So What and they have this great pants & top outfit hidden inside their red teeshirt from this hunt. Just find it ladies and the outfit is yours. PLatform Shoes are by HOC Industries (175 L$ for a color change pack).

Another great set is hidden inside the teeshirt at Vengeful Threads. It is not that hard to find ladies, so if you like this outfit: go hunting.
Over to Lucky. They are also participating in the Womenstuff hunt and if you can locate the red teeshirt at their store this great outfit is yours.
Lucky also has 2 lucky chairs and yes I was really lucky to get a great short dress and a pair of very sexy low cut pants from these lucky boards.

If you were wondering where I got those great red sparkly shoes I am wearing with the Lucky outfit above I can tell you it is another hunt gift in the Womenstuff hunt ! This time at VG Shoes. And you only have to find that teeshirt at their store to get them too!
Last one for today is the very cute colorful outfit Neckolicious has hidden inside their red teeshirt from this hunt. Tail, ears, jewelry and shoes are included.
Go hunting ladies !!!


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