Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How about some teleporting around?

Today I have so many things that your fingers will be lame from hopping around in Second Life ladies. Due to hunting, Designer Circle with great offers, freebies and great gifts at stores. So let me quickly start, I hope you are all ready.
This great outfit, called Sweet Seduction, is by NS design and you can find it on Marketplace for just 60 L$ ladies. It is fun and sexy and mesh, so you need a mesh viewer to see it.
And this lovely dark red outfit is by Dirty.Little.Secret and it is an exclusive for Acid Lily Gallery. You can grab it there for just 70 L$.
Over to some hunting. The Womenstuff hunt holds some great gifts ladies. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful. You are looking for a red sculpted teeshirt at the participating stores. For soem gifts you have to be in the Womenstuff group, and the enrollmentfee is 50 L$. I really don't like to pay for a hunt group, but without the group tag you can't get all gifts.
So if you land at DadaBeiz and you can locate the red teeshirt there you will get a hughe pack with lovely (mesh) dresses...wow...what a gift! Worth a little bit of hunting ladies. Shoes are by HOC Industries (not free, 175 L$ for a color change pair)

And another great gift can be found inside the teeshirt at Mohna Lisa Couture. A beautiful black & white cocktail dress, perfect for the upcoming parties in December.
Zoul Creations is also participating in the Womenstuff hunt and if you find the teeshirt at their store this beautiful skin called Lynn is yours to wear. You don't only get the skin, you also get a pack with 4 lipstick shades !

If you would like a new shape with these skins you could decide to go hunting at Maverick Design. They have this great Londonne shape inside their teeshirt as a gift. I am showing you my shape to compare. My shape is rather small in SL and petite.
Over to the Designer Circle. They also have some great skins on offer. Do I need to remind you that all items at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less? A perfect way to get some great designs in your inventory for a very low price! Here are the lovely dark tan skins Beautycode has on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. There are 2 different ones, either with red lips or dark brown lips. And there is an extra cleavage option included. The skin is called Sugar.

Step Inside also has some great skins on offer at the Designer Circle. These skins are called Tash and you can chose from 3 lovely skintones. A shape is included.

If you would like another shape: Anna shapes has a great one on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. This shape is called Danny.

To wear with these skins and shapes Moondance is offering 2 great sets of nails at the Designer Circle. You can chose either the Square medium Champagne ones of the lovely Rose vine ones. Or you can get both ofcourse! The nails are a perfect fit as you can see on my pics.

The last one for today is [Essencial]. They have 3 gorgeous dresses on offer at the Designer Circle . Short sweet and sexy. The skin I am wearing on this picture is Cindy by WoW skins, the hair is by Tameless (called Storm), both blogged yesterday.