Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas is coming...

Today I got the first Christmas outfit for this year ladies, so this is the sign: winter is near and Santa will be here soon. Tameless has released this great naughty Santa outfit....love it. The boots are included, so is the hat. You can get this outfit on MARKETPLACE too (99L$)
But really December 25th is still far away...so I will concentrate on what is going on in Second life at the moment. WoW skins has a special offer at he moment, a complete avatar called Isabella for just 999 L$. You get the great skin & shape (12 skins, 5 make ups) and the jewelry, all the clothing, and lashes. That is a really good deal ladies ! The lovely hair is a subscribo gift by Exile called Violetta.

Over to the lovely skins Mother Goose has on their many many lucky boards. I just stood there for about 10 minutes and got all these lovely skins! Worth a try if you want a new look :)

Another great skin is the one Beautycode has as a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. You can find all info HERE (hints & links). You are looking for a sculpted red teeshirt and for some you do need the Womenstuff group tag. Joining the group is 50 L$. So if you find that teeshirt at Beautycode this lovely Angel skin is yours.
I am wearing this beautiful kin with the Anita shape by Stunning Shapes. It is hidden inside their red teeshirt from this hunt.

Over to Annalee Ballut (ALB). They have this lovely coat in 2 colors/textures as a new group gift. You can chose the leather one to wear or the lovely grey wool one. A matching scarf is included.

And Dirty.Little.Secret is celebrating it's 1st anniversary and they have this lovely dark red hoodie as a gift at the store. CONGRATULATIONS Tash and thank you so much.

Then I landed at Eyelure and they have 2 great new releases. You can get these very sexy cropped tops in white or brown, with or without LOVE. Or you can get these great mini skirts (mesh) in lovely colors. The cute head flowers are by Artistry by E (hand out in the group, joining is 1000 L$).

Over to the Womenstuff Hunt. I found the red teeshirt at Kastle Rock and inside I found HIS shirt ...hmmmm so sexy and cosy...Just find that teeshirt ladies to wear his shirt.

Another shop which is participating in the Womenstuff Hunt is Ruca Tease. They have this great skinny jeans with warm sweater outfit hidden inside their red teeshirt. I am wearing the lovely jewelry by N@N@ with this outfit. And that is also a gift in the Womenstuff hunt.
Then I was so lucky to find the red teeshirt at OMG! Inc. Inside I found this cute short dress. If you can find the teeshirt too the dress is yours.
And Starchild has a lovely gown as a gift in the Womenstuff hunt. WOW I love that gown...I want to go dancing now :)
Last one for today is the hunt gift I found at Tres Beau. A lovely gown including the hat is hidden inside their red teeshirt. Very Paris...

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