Saturday, November 10, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Some days my blog ends up in a mess. Depending on the freebies or special offers I find. And today is one of those days. I found quite a lot but all items are different. So this will be another incoherent blog ladies, sorry. Hope you will find something you like and want to have.
But first let me thank the 2 readers that joined as a follower. Thank you so much. You both made my day. With 300-500 readers per day I hoped for a few more followers though.....
Anyway, the first item I found is the subscribo gift by Boho Hobo. They have released some great new (mesh) vests and you get one of them if you subscribe. You also get some great hair deco (feathers). The capris are not included. All proceeds from BoHo HoBo and Meena go to RAWA to fund orphanages, clinics, schools and income generating projects for war refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sim Tier is paid by an anonymous donor.
I am showing you a few examples from the lovely vests below. You can get them at Boho Hobo.
I blogged Amitiel et Camael yesterday ladies but they added this great free outfit today. So if you like it go get it and look around in the store. The prices are very affordable and the design is great.
Then I went to Serina Lacava Creations (SLC) and they have some great new 60 L$ offers. Beware: ONLY this weekend so you have to be fast to get them! The set contains a lovely cropped top (available in several colors), a cute skirt and great boots!

Hinako Hair is participating in the Happy Birthday Censored mini fair and you can get these lovely happy birthday hairdos there! The mini fair runs from November 10th till November 30th. (99 L$ per hairstyle)
Fall is coming and for sure WINTER will arrive soon enough. We all need a warm coat for winter ladies and you can get these ones for free at the Splash store. The jeans are by U.One (1 L$ or free) and the cute boots are by Dirty.little.Secret. They are called Brownie boots.
Dirty.Little.Secret is also participating in the Suicide Awareness hunt. If you can locate the hunt item at the store you will get this beautiful jewelry set. You get 3 necklaces, chokers and bracelets. The words on the jewelry: Confidence, Strong and loved.
U.One  is a store where everything is CHEAP or free. I have been there many times, they have some really cute stuff! Below I am showing you what I got there ...everything I am showing is either free or 1 L$.  The booties, bag, clutch, skirt, cardigan, jeans and New York tank are by U.One. The dark red strapless top is by Jane.

Then I did some more hunting in the Womenstuff Hunt. You can find a HINT and LINK page here. The hunt runs till January 1st but the gifts will change on December 1st. To get some of the items you have to be in the Womenstuff Hunt Group and the enrollment fee is 50 L$. I'm not keen on joining a group just for a hunt and PAY for it...but I still joined because you can't get all gifts without the group tag. If you land at Egoisme you will find some really cute pants inside their red sculpted teeshirt from this hunt. And if you hop over to Essences and you can locate the red teeshirt there you can wear these pants with the great coats you will find inside that teeshirt. You get 2 colors! The cute bag and flats are a freebie by Mischief (look on the floor for freebies too). The cute wellies are by Dirty.Little.Secret.

Then I went to Hawkers House to find the cute vest and pants below inside their red teeshirt from the Womenstuff hunt. The tank is by Jane. Sneakers are by Baby Monkey.
 The next outfit is by AngelRed and it is hidden inside their red teeshirt from the hunt. You only have to find it...The lovely jewelry is also a hunt gift and you can find it inside the teeshirt at Chop Zuey.
And this elegant dress is by  Outrage. It is another gift in the Womenstuff hunt. I love the colors of the dress. They go great with the cute flats wich are by Hoc Industries.
The last outfit for today is the great gift Dressed By Lexi has hidden inside the red teeshirt at their store! Wow a perfect Fall outfit, comes with scarf and hat! I love it. If you love it too go hunting ladies !! Flats are by Hoc Industries.