Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blowing some Bubblez while hunting around.

It is a long time ago that I went to Bubblez, one of my favorite shops in the past. They moved and I couldn't find them anymore. But finally I found the store again and they still have these crazy lucky boards (some are group, but the group is free to join). And I was so lucky to get some of the great new lucky board prices.

Tash Portos from Dirty.Little.Secret is celebrating their first anniversary and she is giving away so many great gifts! Like these elegant Tash and thank you!
Then I found a few Japanese shops with lucky boards. One of them is Ribbon and they have three lucky boards. I didn't get all, I just got one of the items, a lovely warm sweater.

One of the other Japanese shops is called EN. They have a gift at the store, the short dress, including the boots. And 2 lucky boards with gowns. The gowns come with the hair.

I can't resist to show you the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. They have this lovely lemon colored set for their group members.

I did some more hunting in the Womenstuff Hunt. You can find a HINT AND LINK page here, which is very useful. You are looking for a red sculted Teeshirt at the particiapting stores. For some gifts you need to wear the group tag. Joining this group is 50 L$, and I really do not like to pay for a HUNT group. Anyway if you don't join you cannot get all the gifts.
I found quite a lot of jewelry in the Womenstuff hunt, like this great branch necklace which is the hunt gift at Peer Style...all you have to do is find that teeshirt.
Another store that gives you lovely jewelry if you find their teeshirt is G&T Creations. They hid this great pink ribbon watch inside their teeshirt.
These lovely earrings with color change gems are by Phoebe and they are yours if you can locate the hunt item at their store.
I got this beautiful necklace and earrings set at SG Design. Lovely very elegant diamond pendants. It is hidden inside the red teeshirt ladies.
Another great set is this blue one by Addiction Jewelry. The only thing you have to do is fnd that teeshirt to wear this lovely set.
Over to Violator. They have a great set with jewelry hidden inside their red teeshirt. You get a choker, a necklace, earrings and a lovely hand fan.
This next gift is not jewelry but glasses and great red eyes. You can get them if you can find the red teeshirt at X-Sight. Don't I look smart?
I also found a few very sexy tops in the Womenstuff hunt. How about this one by {ThirteenTH}. You just have to go hunting ladies.
And this corset top comes in 2 sizes: busty and normal. Well they call it virgin...anyway, it is the hunt gift by EtchaFlesh.
This corset top is by Wild Style and it is their gift in the Womenstuf hunt. Just find that teeshirt girls.
Last one for today is the great mesh bikini you can find inside the red teeshirt at Island Swimwear. The teeshirt is TINY and very hard to find, but this bikini is worth the efford!


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