Monday, November 5, 2012

Amitiel et Camael, Two Sisters Treasure Pumpkin hunt, Virtual Impressions and S@BBIA

I hope you all had a great weekend ladies and you are ready for a new week with lots of offers and freebies. To my surprise I got these lovely tops in the Fabfree group. They were a gift from Amitiel et Camael. WOW I love the tops...thank you so much Alessia. (If you want the tops too join the Fabfree group at the store and check past notices). The lovely hair is Ronnie by Tameless (new release, blogged yesterday)
While I was doing a hunt I landed at Two Sisters Treasures and they have a pumpkin hunt going on at  their store (Inside and outside). I could not find any clues about how long it still would be there or how many pumpkins there were to find. I found about 15 but there might be more. They are quite easy to spot and in each one is a lovely piece of jewelry. I am showing you what I found below, but don't wait too long or the hunt might be over...

Then I got this very lovely elegant group gift at Virtual Impressions. WOW That will go great with my gowns !!

Over to S@BBIA They have  a lot of great group gifts, like these lovely dresses below. Joining the group is free. The teal shoes are also a group gift. The lovely jewelry is by Pink Cherry (not free).

S@BBIA also has some great tops, which I paired with free HOC Industries jeans. HOC Industries also has great shoes ladies for a low price. And with the cute over the shoulder bag which is also a S@BBIA gift.