Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sascha's Design and Avatar Brazil

Today just some great finds I found in Second life. Like this lovely gown which is the December gown by Sascha's Design. It is not out YET ladies, you have to wait till December 1st...I am just giving you a sneak preview. sascha Frangilli is nominated for the AviCoice awards ladies, so if you like her designs please please VOTE here for her (and for all your other favorite designers ofcourse!).

Sascha's Design also has some great new 60 L$ offers as from FRIDAY! You can go for the sexy Regret (top & pants) or for the lovely Youp in red, a beautiful cocktail outfit.
And their new weekly gown offer (one of their great designs for half the regular price) is the lovely Cruella Cocktail in purple. You should not miss this offer ladies ! Sascha's Design ladies ! There is also a bolero included (not shown).

Sascha's Design is also participating in the POE hunt. This hunt starts on December 1st, but if you find that globe at Sascha's Design you will get this great gown !
Then my good friend Jara told me about Avatar Brazil. I went over there and WOW they have tons of free stuff at that store! Ranging from AOs for guys and gals, skins, shapes to lots of clothing. I am showing you just a few examples I got there! Most tops/skirts/dresses come in several colors.