Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YAY I am back :)

Ohhh it was quite hard to make a new blog with a major jetlag head...but I think I found a few very nice freebs for you even though I am rather slow and sleepy today :)

Let me start with a few very nice hunt items. 22769 is participating in the Hollywood Walk of Fame hunt, and if you find the golden star you will get this very Whoopy Goldberg nun outfit :)

They (22769) also participate in the Silk Road hunt (you will get a male and a female outfit). Find the little pagoda to get this outfit :)

If you are at 22769 also find the superman logo thing and YAY you are a superhero....(it is the gift from the super hero hunt).

Last one at 22769 (I keep wondering who's birthday that might be...) is the gift from the Mens stuff hunt (find the black Tee shirt).

Then I got this lovely outfit at American Bazaar. It is a gift in the Oh my box hunt (find the box).

I also found a few very nice pair of eyes. I am wearing eyes from PC (Poetic colors) and YAY they have a new freebie at their store...in TWO shades (dark and bright) and with a light in the eye.

I also got eyes at A.S.S. They have a gatcha machine (10 L$) and you get the strangest eyes there. There is another gatcha machine with 3 L$ gifts, but what I got from it was just ONE eye or contact..which looks rather strange :)

I am wearing these lovely eyes with a few new skins. The first one is a group gift by Mamboo Chick (they also have a few lucky boards at their store and a free skin).  Joining the Mamboo chick group was free, but now it is 300 L$ !
I am showing you the skin on my usual shape and on the free shape by KB shapes. (see below where to find it).

The second one is a group gift by YS & YS (your shape & your skin, joining is free). I am wearing both with my normal shape (I made it myself, if you want the settings just ask me) and with a free shape from KB shapes.

Then I got a tip from my friend Tiger Loopen ...she pointed out a great store: Simply the Best. Join the group and you get a free gown or dress each week (joining is free) and this is the one for this week...WOW including the hat ! Thanks Tiger :)

At the Dressing Room I found right shoes and left shoes...and together they make these lovely pairs (also comes in white, no pic of those, sorry). 1 L$ per pack (5 colors per pack) though girls :)

I am wearing these shoes with the great group gifts by Purple Moon...the purple long gown is their 8000 member gift. Congratulations Purple moon :).
The other one is the new group gift.

Asteria Design has 2 lovely freebies at their store (and one for guys..I am wearing that one too). The one for the guys are the long pants and the hughe dragon tattoo. For obvious reasons I am wearing the top of the womans gift with the pants :)

Urban Republic has a 1 year anniversary gift: this sturdy outfit. I am wearing it with BabyMonkey booties. With the outfit I am wearing a very cute doggy bag...it is called Husky pup bag and it will set you back 1 L$. The puppy is animated.

That was it for today ladies....hope you missed me as much as I missed you all.

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