Sunday, June 19, 2011

So many hunts going on...

It must be hunting season in Second Life because you find hunt items in every shop you are shopping! I found quite a few, but I will start with a lovely gift by Ruxy design. In Ruxys shop you find this very elegant cocktail dress.

With this dress I am wearing the lovely necklace I found at Mood. It is called Fly away and it is delicate and sexy. It is a gift in the Taste of SL hunt (TOSL) and you have to find a blue tray.
I am also wearing this necklace with the lovely gift in the TOSL hunt I found at Indie Rose. (fint the blue tray). This dress is also very delicate and I thought the necklace would be perfect to wear with it.

I found some more jewelry, beautiful diamond color change earrings. They come with a hud which helps you change the color. This is a gift by LacieCakes, also in the TOSL hunt.

And YAY when I was at Beautycode there was a hughe box by Vincent Rosca on the floor and inside this box was a GREAT set of free jewelry. The set is in gold and platinum, I am showing you the necklace and earrings in gold and the rin and bracelet in platinum, but ofcourse you can wear the whole set in either gold or platinum.

Beautycode has 2 lucky chairs at their store, allas I wasn't lucky this time...BUT they have a GREAT skin as a group gift (joining is free) and lovely hoop earrings with or without bling. You can also find a freebie Beauticode tattoo (it is a bar code on your back) at Beautycode.

My regular readers know that I like to experiment with new skins. I found these skins at Bare Sensual. They are not free (10 L$ each)

B[Elle]issima gives away a GREAT skin because their group has extended. WOW I love it. Congratulations B[Elle]issima ! And thank you :)
Boom Boom Cherry has a lovely group gift for their members. It is a fair skin with and without cleavage option.

Censored also has reached a GREAT number, their group passed the 10.000 members mark and all group members get this lovely present. It is a sweet pink dress AND a skin! But it is ONLY availabel for one week so you have to be fast!

The necklace I am wearing with the Censored outfit is a gift from the SBH hunt (find a green leaf). It is a gift by Chop Zuey.

Silhouette has a few very lovely freebies at their store. A sexy dress, a pair of jeans with a top and a jacket, and a lovely top in white.

With the outfits by Silhoutte I am wearing new released shoes by BabyMonkey. They are called Pippa (not free but very affordable). I styled the white top with a cap I found at Psychotropia. It is a gift in the NHTOTO hunt and you have to find a starfish.

Psychotropia also has 2 lucky boards at their store and I got this lovely straw hat and the matching necklace from those lucky boards.
The tray in my hand is a hunt gift by Alexohol in the TOSL hunt (find the blue tray with a waiter on it). The top is a gift by Izzy, also from the TOSL hunt. And the jeans are a gift in the same hunt by Acid & Mala.
The shoes are a new release called Kate by BabyMonkey.

Psychotropia is also participating in the 2HFY hunt and if you find the hunt item you get these great slippers :0)
In the Got Pink? hunt you have to find a pink bottle and if you find this item at Psychotropia you get these great glasses. Do not forget to take them off while suntanning, because if you don't.....oh my do I look silly or what? (this is a gift in the DSN hunt at Psychotropia, find the white bottle).

The pink top above isn't the only gift at Izzy. In the same TOSL hunt item you find also a blue and a white top. I styled these tops with the (male) swim trunks you get from the DSN hunt (find the white bottle) at Sassy Kitties. And in my mouth you will see the Got pink? hunt gift (find the pink bottle) by Atooly, a very cute mouth bunny in 4 colors. The cute bag is a gift from the lucky board at Mezzo.

The female part of the DSN hunt gift by Sassy Kitties are these lovely bathing suits in black and white. The hair is a 8000 member gift by Heart Softens to their group members.

Last one for today is the group gift by Gizza. It is their june gift and there is also a male version available. I love the sailor style of this outfit...I hope you all do too.


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