Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's all about smiles :)

Today it is pooring here and I felt like some sunshine, so I started looking for some outfits that really make me smile :)
The first one is a lovely burgundy cocktail dress which you can also wear as a gown. It is by Augusta and it is called DEA. You can purchase it for 1 L$ on Marketplace.

I am wearing the cute hat which I got at Saschas design. This is a hunt item from the S&A hunt and you have to find a star like flower.

The next gown that made me smile is the gown by House of Beningburrough. It is a GREAT gown with butterflies and so many colors and the best thing is: it is FREE.

HOB has another gift at their store, this lovely short dress in blue and green.

With the Butterfly gown I am wearing the jewelry which I got as a group gift by Finesmith. Ohhh THAT made me smile too :)

The group gift by BabyMonkey made me smile a matter of fact it made me laugh so much :) Thanks Pixieplumb, that was a GREAT gift :) It is called Marie Antoinette hair :)

The Arnadi NERD shirt made me also smile. I styled it in NERD style. It was hunt item from the Summer Breeze hunt and you have to find a shell with a pearl in it to wear this NERD shirt (comes also in a male version)

I found a few more items from the Summer Breeze hunt, this one is by Acid & Mala. It is a lovely top with drapes in black...hmm LOVE it.

The next item I found in the Summer Breeze hunt is by Ancayi and you get the SHORTS, not the top !
The top is by Factorie and actually it is 10 L$ and comes with another type of short AND with lovely butterfly make up in 2 colors.

This is the make up:

A few more lovely dresses that bring a smile on your face :)
This assymetric bright red one is by Petit Chat and you can get ot from their MM board, just as the light brown eyes.

The next one is by LC and it is called little flower. I love the soft yellow floating fabric, moves in the wind ...perfect for a party or an afternoon shopping. You have to pay 1 L$ for it.

Another floating dress is this soft beige one, by Liza. These kind of dresses make you want to twirl and dance so the fabric moves and flows around your legs:)

The last dress that brings a smile to your face is Pinkie and it is such a fun dress. The pink flowers on the aqua backgroud give you a summer feeling and yes...I am smiling :)

Ahhh but I found some more stuff which made me smile. Which shows that not only outfits can make you smile :) 
LOKA has this very cute Panda on head bear for LOW group members. Joining is free and you get the most amazing offers, so worth to join.

LOKA also has a few very nice group gifts. Don't the kisses all over make you smile??? They are so much fun :) And you get this lovely necklace as a group gift too !


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