Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cuteness in my favorite shops

Cute shoes, cute dresses, cute will all be in this blog ladies, so relax, read and pick out what you would like to wear :)Let me start with one of my fav shops Babymonkey. They have NINE new lucky boards at the mainstore and 2 lucky chairs so everyone gets lucky there ! And look what I got there !

Talking about shoes: Hoorenbeek has a GREAT gift in their sybscribo. HOWEVER you have to be in their subscribo group for TWO weeks before you can get it. The boots are very worth it though.
I also got these very nice summer wedges at Pelletria Morresey. Their lucky boards change fast and the wedges are a must have for this sumemr !
Another favorite shop is Alli & Ali. I love their hair (the Carlotta updo I am constantly wearing is by A&A). These are the new group and voting gifts and a special offer.
Tamara and Elord are the new group gifts. You can find them at the main store.

These are the new VOTING gifts, also available at the main store.

Eroo in Ice is also a gift on the Marketplace shop by Alli & Ali.

I got some more hair at HeartSoftens. They reached the 9000 group members and this is a gift to all subscribers.

And this hair was a freebie on Marketplace. It is called Tempest and it is by Secrets. You get a megapack with all colors.
The next hair is also by Secrets and this one is called Felicia. Also a mega color pack :)

Then BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). Another favorite shop. These very cute dresses are gifts by BDR. The first one in pink and green can be found HERE. The Zebra one you will find HERE. And the sexy one with all the cleavage is HERE.

Then I hopped over to Gabriel. They have so many very nice group gifts. I hadn't been there before, but this will become one of my favorite shops too I am sure. Look at the ├╝bercute shoes ! Or the piercings...or the necklaces...and don't forget the great belts !

Another great shop is Aidoru. They are participating in many hunts (I blogged one of those hunts yesterday). These are the gifts in several hunts you can find at Aidoru. Just look at the signs at the entrance of the shop and you will see what you have to find :) Good luck ladies !

One night at the fair hunt.
The necklace on the next pic is also by Aidoru but the outfit is by Furore and it is a gift ik the Geek Hunt 2. Find the Nintendo hidden at their store and it is yours :)
To get the Aidoru necklace you have to find the object of the Mens Stuff Hunt at their store !
And this cute top is by Hucci. Click the subscribo and it is yours.
The necklace is by Aidoru and it is a hunt gift in the One time at the fair hunt.
That was it for today ladies :) HAPPY SHOPPING !!!

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