Saturday, June 25, 2011


After all the make up, jewelry, hair and shoes back to the clothes girls. Because when you made yourself so beautiful you want to wear something beautiful too. This very sexy outfit is by Coca & Wolf and it is a gift in the ALT hunt. You have to find a striped ball and buy it for 1 L$.
The next outfits are by Bubblez. They have many lucky boards and the letters change very fast, so a lot of chances to get these prices. With the lower one you even get the hair :)

Sabbia has a loads of group gifts and also 2 Lucky Boards at their store. The leggings are a freebie on the front desk. The cute boots by Eluzion were blogged yesterday. The black top is the top from the outfit by Bubblez above.

Tori's Style also has a few lucky boards at their store and a gift from the VLBF hunt (find the red candle).

JEANS and BOXERS (actually for guys)

JEANS and BOXERS (actually for guys)

VBLF hunt gift.
The VIP group members at SLC get this lovely roses gown and the hot summer outfit as a gift. The hot summer outfit comes with the glasses. Joining the group is NOT FREE though !

Urban Republic is participating in several hunts. Find the pink bottle in the Got Pink? hunt and you get a cute top with shorts and also a guys blouse, both in pink. If you can find the red bucket in the S&SH hunt you will get the cute blue shirt and shorts. Then again if you find the ball in the 2HSFY hunt you get the cute checkered shorts with the beige top.

These great pants are a gift from the midnight mania board at 1MM.
I also found a few great gifts at Jazmyn D. The pants set is a gift at their store. The cute dress with the poppies is a gift for new subscribers.

The last one for today is a GREAT gown I got from the midnight mania board at Piece of mind. The board has a very low target so get over there, click and invite your online friends to click too...only 10 needed.


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