Friday, June 24, 2011

Make me even MORE beautiful

I had a few things left from yesterday ladies. I couldn't put everything on one blog because it would get too here goes for today, another day of jewelry, a few skins, hair and some lovely shoes and bags :)Fairy Tail has a great gift at their store from the Black Butler Hunt. It is a jewel eyepatch. You have to find a cute rabbit with an eyepatch to get this gift but I am sure you will succeed in finding it.
Fairy Tail also has a LOT of very special and very beautiful group gifts (joining is free). WOW, amazing...I love the bow necklace, the bow is color change !

The next skin is a gift at the Moldavia skin and it is a gift by sYs. It has yellow lipstick and eyeshadow and it doesn't look that good on my shape because my lips are smaller than the skins one. But it is a LOVELY skin and I am sure on your shape it will look GREAT!
The next skin is by Nekojita. It costs 1 L$ but WOW it is worth it !
Sorry Asia also has a skin hidden in a peanut from the Squirrel'd away hunt. Find it to get this lovely skin with opened lips.
Bare Sensual has a new release, this lovely skin is called Sensual Moxie. It is NOT FREE.
DIVA has it's second aniversary and they are giving away the most lovely hair. It is a fatpack in all colors and it includes a color change scarf around your shoulders.
They have renovated the shop and the lucky boards are next to the aniversary gift and I got some lovely hair from their lucky boards too. All the bows are color and texture change.

I am wearing the DIVA hair and scarf with the gift I got at the lucky board at Sabbia. Doesn't that look great?

I got some more hair at Bishwair. The style is called Veneza.
And I got this new release by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). It is not free, but it is great hair. BDR has an outlet section too.

These sexy shoes are a dollarbie (1 L$) at Eluzion. They come in many colors but only the teal one is 1 L$.
And these shoes are a gift by R2 in the TOSL hunt. Find the tray with the waiter on it and YAY new shoes for you !!
These very cute boots are a gift by Pelletria Morresey. As a matter of fact they have a LOT of gifts, shoes, bags and sunglasses. AND they have 2 lucky boards too. So really worth to take a look ladies.
The very cute dress I am wearing is a 60 L$ item this week at Sascha's Design.
The purple set, bag, sunglasses and shoes is from the lucky board.

 Happy shopping ladies !!!

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