Sunday, June 26, 2011

TEA anyone?

I love to drink tea and I was very surprised that I found this very cute tea pot and tea cup with animation in the Black Butler hunt. You have to find a rabbit with an eyepatch to get the gift at the participating stores. This set is by Amato.
Atypical is also participating in this hunt and you get coffee there :) But they also participate in several other hunts and if you find those items too you also get lollypops in several colors, handprints on your face, a funny hat, and cake, chocolat or strawberries in your mouth. Ofcourse they also give you the complete cake and the bowl with the strawberries in this gift. And a tongue with piercing...WOW. Atypical ladies.
Look at the rabbit on my head....that is the one you are looking for :)

As you can see: Acayi also gives away a very cute hat in this hunt.
Some shops in this hunt give away very nice clothing and the next items I am going to show you are all from the Black Butler hunt. So find the cute rabbit with eyepatch in the mentioned store and the clothes are yours :)
First one is by Ambriosia, what a lovely dark red elegant dress ;)

The next one is by 1MM and 1MM also has a Lucky board at the store and I got some really nice pants there. The tank is by Jane and also a freebie.

The gift at How Vexing is a maids dress, which is very appropriate in this hunt don't you think?

And the gift at Bubblez is actually for looks like a suit a guy who has the money to hire a butler would wear :)

The cute blue dress by Ducknipple is one of my favorites. I love that simple dress.

Another very elegant cocktail dress is given away by IZM. Look at the details ladies, isn't that perfect?

R2 has such elegant shoes and in the Black Butler hunt they are giving away a pair of their lovely booties. The rich purple dolor is fantastic.

The cute bags and the chocolate in mouth are a gift by [KUE]. The bags come in 3 varieties and they go so well with your summer dresses.

The last one for today are the glasses by December. Find the rabbit and they are yours. You have to zoom in because they have hidden the rabbit very well.

THANK YOU to all the generous designers, and HAPPY SHOPPING ladies !!!

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