Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hunt till you drop

It seems all I do these days is hunt. I like the items in the TOSL hunt and the SBH hunt...and it is kinda addictive to find the next item in a hunt.
And if you get such nice items as a is totally worth to spend your time hunting. While you are hunting think of the designers who not only are giving you one of their designs, but also took the time to hide it in their shop (and sometimes they even thought up a hint !)

I was at Iren and they have a great dress hidden in their SBH item (find the green leaf). It is a lovely colorful dress and it is so easy to wear.

Actually I love all the dresses in this hunt. This next dress is by Nemesis and it is a lovely happy party dress. It doesn't need any jewelry, the beading on the dress is GREAT. It is hidden in the green leaf of the SBH hunt.

And this dress is by Emas Secret. It is a sexy summer dress and you even get the hairflower with the dress. Find the green leaf ladies.

This dress is a way different style and it is by Ohara. It is also a gift in the SBH hunt.

And BebeDoll also has a dress hidden but not in the SBH hunt. You have to find the blue tray with a waiter on it from the TOSL hunt to get this lovely dress. In my mouth you can see the mouth bunny by Atooly (also TOSL hunt). The glasses are a gift in the TOSL hunt at Candydoll.

Acid & Mala are also participating in the TOSL hunt and if you find the tray with the waiter you get this elegant dress to wear to all your summer shopping.

The last dress I found was at XPlosion. It is a very sexy dress in 2 color styles and it is a gift in the SBH hunt so you have to find the green leaf to wear this dress.

I didn't find more dresses but I did find this cute outfit. It is by Snowpaws and it is their gift in the SBH hunt (green leaf). Sexy shorts and a cute top, in lovely soft colors.

I got another cute outfit by Sassy Kitty in the SBH hunt. Actually they are 2 outfits, called COW outfits. Cute as a button :)
The shoes are by DUH and they are also a hunt gift in the SBH hunt (the gift includes also a bag).

Sassy Kitty also has a gift at their store in the TOSL hunt (find the tray with the waiter). Sexy skull dresses in 3 colors :)

And they have 3 lucky boards at their store and YAY I was lucky and got this jailbird outfit, including the piercings.

At Muka I found these great tops in the gift from the SBH hunt (green leaf). I am wearing the jewelry by Exodi with these tops, this jewelry set (necklace, earrings, bracelets and anklets) is a gift in the S&SH hunt (find the red bucket)

More tops can be found at Moloko. You simply have to find the green leaf and you will get a top in 2 different colors :)

Indi Rose also has a few cute tops hidden in blue tray with a waiter on it (TOSL hunt). What do you think of these lovely silk tops ladies? Won't they go great with your favorite jeans?

Over to the more sexy stuff. Holli Pocket has hidden this sexy shorts and top set in the item from the SBH hunt (green leaf). I love the blueish color. The shoes by R2fashion in the SBH hunt will go great with this set.

Bubble has this great underwear set for you hidden in the green come find it at their store if you are feeling sexy :)

BlackLace always has the most gorgious lingerie. And you will not be disapointed, in the TOSL hunt they have hidden a vey sexy luxurious set in the tray with waiter.

There is one more item I found in the SBH hunt and I found it at [White Widdow]. They have hidden some lovely face tattoos in 3 colors in their leaf. The leaves are easy to give it a try girls :)


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