Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling sexy? Or just naughty?

Hmm I am feeling very sexy today and a bit naughty, and the free things I found today are matching my mood :)
Let me start with some lovely skins. These ones are a group gift at Psychotropia. Joining the group is free. I think I look kinda angry though?

The next skins are by Olivia and they are also free. Olivia has some more freebies in store, I will blog them below. The skins on the right are called Fiona, the one on the left is called Lisa.

These next ones are by Bare Sensual and they are called Sade and is on special offer for a limited time, 10 L$. It is a new release! They come with 2 shapes. I am showing the skins also on my own shape.

I am always feeling very sexy when I am wearing jeans. These ones are a new release by Seldom Blue and IndigoBlue was so generous to put ONE up for just 1 L$, so hurry to the store to get the black jeans :). I am wearing these jeans with the top I got from Xplosion. They are taking part in the DSN hunt (find the white bottle) and you get both tops, with and without flowers AND with a white or black bra to wear under the tops.

The tops can also be worn as a short dress.

The necklace is an older Lucky board item from Mezzo. The shoes are a new release by Babymonkey (not free, but very affordable). They are called Ultimate Lina Panther (come in many colors, I am also wearing the pony color in this blog)

Lingerie makes me feel sexy too...especially when it is made of silk and lace. This one is by Blush and it is a silk camy with sexy panties.

The next lingerie is by Romance Store and it is called Florence. I love to wear garters :) And the color goes great with my red hair, but I am sure you ladies will look very sexy in it, no matter what haircolor you have :)

I found some more lingerie at Romance store, this one is called Paris. It is more revealing than the Florence lingerie :)

Requiem art of fashion also has some very sexy black and white lingerie for us all ladies. I am posting a few different styles, we all don't have the same taste in lingerie, so you can pick out the oen you like best.

I promised you the rest of the Olivia freebies, so here they are.
Olivia gives these cute dice earrings away. But they also have this lovely black dress as a gift and these very cute and sexy jeans :)

I got this sexy top with butterflies and the capri shorts from the MM boards at Sassy Kitty. They are participating in a lot of hunts too, and there are 3 lucky boards hop over to Sassy Kitty ladies :)

The last ones for today are from the MM boards at Grumble. A lovely cocktail gown which makes me also feel sexy, showing a lot of skin. And a cute very short black dress which comes with the boots :)

The more naughty stuff I will save till tomorrow *smiles*

Happy shopping ladies :)

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