Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I just wanted to make a really sophisticated elegant blog and YAY I found a few very lovely gowns and elegant dresses so I think I will succeed :)
First of all: Purple Moon is giving away a most lovely gown in the MND hunt. You have to find a blue butterfly and pay it 1 L$ to get this lovely gown. To complete the gown Purple Moon gives you a beatiful hair wench at their other location, also in the MDN hunt. Find the butterfly ladies and pay 1 L$. Isn't this lovely?

The next 2 gowns are a gift by House of Beningburrough. WOW they are so lovely !
The first one is a lovely mermaid style gown with a luxurious feather hat, the second one is a cocktail dress in aqua. The blue shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).

The hair I am wearing with the gown and cocktail dress above is by BDR and it is called Akhesa. You can get it with or without stripes. One is on offer for 20 L$ on Marketplace. You can also find it at the shop BDR.

This lovely black gown and the hat are group gifts at World's end Garden. You have to join the group (free). THe gown is called "La Nuit du chasseur". Shoes and jewlery come with the gown.

World's end Garden also givestheir group members this lovely black dress, which is called "Requiem pour un S perdu".

And At World's end garden you get this lovely innocent white dress and the white hat. The dress is called "Jardin pour une fille". Jewelry comes with the gown.

Morea Style also has a sophisticated lovely cocktail outfit for their members. I love the green color !

And the next 2 dresses are a gift in the Black Butler hunt. Find the cute rabbit with an eyepatch and they are yours. I have no idea when this hunt terminates so I think you have to be fast to get them.
The first one can be found at Ribbon, the second one with the dots at Salire.

These shoes are also a gift in the Black Butler hunt and they are by Lassitude & Ennui. Find the rabbit because these shoes will go great with the 2 black dresses!
In the Black Butler hunt you also get 2 lovely skins, very elegant too. The first one is by Shiva, the second one by Sowelu. With the Sowelu skin you also get a shape, I am not really impressed by that so that is why I am showing you the skin on my regular shape too.

These skins are also by Sowelu, I got them from their Lucky Board.
In the Black Butler hunt I also got a very nice tattoo. Actually it doesn't really fir on this blog but the hunt is almost over so I didn;t want to wait to show it to you. It is by Regalo.
Acide has a new released skin, called Melina. ONE of them is a group gift (the one on face picture)

When you are wearing such beautiful clothes, you also want to look your best. These gorgious eyelashes are by Star and they are a freebie on Marketplace.
I found some more elegant shoes to go with these gowns. They are a dollarbie ( 1 L$) by Ayara and I found them on Marketplace too.
Last but not least: you need some awesome jewelry to complete your outfit. What about this lovely set by Finesmith? They reached the 3000 member mark in the group and this is a gift to all their members.
Or you coul go for this very lovely necklace by Aidoru! Wow I love diamonds. It is a gift in the HerStyle hunt. (hunt ends on june 30th) You have to find the pink and black puzzle.
Or go to Fierce design and click their Midnight Mania board. If it closes you get this GREAT set, earrings, necklace, ring and 2 bracelets.

That was it for today ladies.

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