Monday, June 20, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Just a few more hunt items and things I picked up on my shopping streak this week. I got so many things that I actually have no idea where to start! Hmmm let me think...yall know I love skins, hair, shoes, jewelry...oh darn I love clothes too. So lets start with the skins I found.
The first one is by Beautycode and it is a goft from their lucky chairs. They have 2 at the store but the letters change every 30 MINUTES which is a long time to wait. But maybe you get lucky like I did :)
The next one is a skin by May Shop and it is a gift in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf)
I am showing you the May Shop skin with the shape I found in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf) at CS shapes. I am also showing you my regular skin by Unique Megastore on this shape too so you can see how it looks with different skins.
Those were the skins I found...over to the hair :)
The next hairdos are by Alli & Ali and they are free.
Cherylinn sandblond is the new voting present at the main store.
Cherylinn brown can be found at Marketplace and is free for the time being.
Brooke dark rose is also available at Marketplace, free for a limited time.
Brooke fire is the new groupgift at the main store.

I also found some hair in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf). Got it at LOQ hairs :) It comes with the big hat.
And in the SBH hunt I also found cute blond hair at SYDS. I am wearing this hair with a lovely white dress with a boho feeling, which I found at ArtMeFashion, also a gift in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf)
On the dress I put the brooch I found at Croire (also in the green leaf of the SBH hunt). The earrings and bracelets are from a set which I will blog below.

ArtMeFashion is also participating in the DSN hunt (find the white bottle) and with this cute dress I am wearing jewelry from Mood. It is a lovely set, earrings and a necklace and it is a gift in the SBH hunt (green leaf)

The next items are gifts in the Zombie Popcorn hunt. Actually that hunt was over on the 15th but there are still gifts of this hunt around. You have to be fast though, I have no idea when they will be gone. This sexy top is a gift at Shush in the Zombie Popcorn hunt (find the box with popcorn)
And this elegant grey dress with belt is also a gift in the Zombie Popcorn hunt at PaperDoll.
The red jewelry I am wearing with the Paperdoll dress is a gift at Exodi in the S&SH hunt (find the red bucket). The bracelets and the earrings from this gift are worn with the ArtMeFashion dress above too.
When you are at Paperdoll don't forget to look for the SBH hunt item too, because when you find it you will get this cute dress :)
I am wearing the jewelry by Mood with this dress (see for link above)
Or look for the DSN item (white bottle) at Paperdoll and you get this cute top. I styled the top with Mood and a bag I got from the lucky boards at DUH.
I also got some lovely red flats from the lucky chair at DUH. While you are at DUH find the SBH hunt item (green leaf) there too...and you will get lovely espadrilles and a cute bag.

I am wearing these espadrilles AND the bag from DUH with the hunt item from the SBH hunt (green leaf) at Shush. Sexy top and pants, the espadrilles and bag go great with it.

The next pair of shoes I found was at AhFlow and it was also a gift in the SBH hunt. You find these elegant green shoes inside the leaf but also a GREAT tattoo...if you know someone that is an...(read the tattoo).
AhFlow also has 2 lucky chairs and I got these cute watercolor panties from their chair.
Divalicious is also participating in the SBH hunt. They are giving the hunters this very cute short dressy...I love the dots and the style.
Talking about dotted dresses: Apple May has also a dotted dress hidden in the green leaf for the SBH hunt. It is a simply lovely dress.
The earrings and the butterfly in my hair are a hunt gift by Needfull Things. Find the green leaf ladies :)

M*Motion has a very cute group gift at their store. Joining is free.
M*Motion also has a few lucky boards and YAY I was so lucky to get this great cardigan outfit :)
Last one for today is the boho dress I also got from M*Motion. It is a great dress, simple and elegant and it gives you a real summer feeling :)
It is a gift in the Summer treasure hunt and you have to find the cute cat (look at the lamp). The shoes are a new release by BabyMonkey (not free). They are called KATE.


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