Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hair and some hunt stuff

Today I am going to start with the lovely MM gift by Dryad Design. It is a set with a necklace, earrings and a bracelet in gold with safire blue stones. The MM board has a low target (0/40) so it is worth to get your friends over and click girls :)

Next are the new offers by Alli & Ali design (hair). They have a lot of new GREAT offers, the first one is their voting present for this week, Yahira hair mixed brown for the ladies and Carlos wet coconut for the guys. Carlos is also available for free in moonlight and you can find it here on Marketplace.

Also free is the Yahira hair in raspbererry. You can find it on Marketplace.

The next hair is also for guys and it is called Elord. You get it for free at Marketplace in the color darkbrown. This hair is also free in marroon, found HERE, it is a group gift at the main store. For the ladies: Yahira hair in dark rose is a group gift too (no pic).

This lovely hair is called Bebe hair and the color is toffee brown. Youcan find it on Marketplace .

More hair...this one is called Ninifee and this is also a gift on Marketplace. All Marketplace items are only available for a limited time so you have to be fast !

On Marketplace you can find this hair by Alli & Ali and this one is called Flower Bride hair in black/burgundy.

Just a few more, I told you Alli & Ali has lots of gifts this week...their hair is amazing. This one is called Virginia in Raspberry.

And the last two are called Charis hair and Hoshi paradise, which is a very long type of hair. It has blue streaks in it and the headband and the jewel on the headband are optional. Thanks Alli & Ali !!

More hair: Chichikie has a new release called Whimsey. It is not free BUT all FATPACKS are 95 L$, which really is a bargain.

I am wearing the Chichikie hair with a gift I found at IREN. The lovely pink Scream shirt is the freebie. IREN has more freebies at their store, the monkey shirt, the hair called Earth and the lovely necklace and last but not least a lovely sexy corset..

IREN is also participating in the Zombie Popcorn hunt and if you find the red and white box with popcorn you get this very sexy red bikini.

I found the pink flower from the DSM hunt at Iren too, this great spring dress is the gift inside. 

What else did I find? The bonus gift from the Depraved Summer Night hunt (find the white bottle). I didn't find the actual gift allas...just the bonus. These cute brown boots were inside the bottle :)

I wanted to see more gifts from the DSN hunt so I went over to Lemon & Cream and YAY I found the bottle there too. It is a perfect pool for a hot summer day :)
And I love the ducky :)

The next stop in this DSN hunt was at Biohazzard and yes you did see it right, it is the bikini I am wearing sitting with my feet in the Lemon & Cream pool. You get 2 different tops and 2 different panties IF you find the white bottle !

There is a male gift inside the bottle too, shown below...

Sweet N Tart also has a white bottle hidden somewhere at their store. Again from the DSN hunt. Find it to get these great skins :)

[TWEE] gives away this fun necklace (looks ike the cable I have been looking for during my holiday to connect my cellphone to charge it...) IF you find the bottle in the DSN hunt.

Last one for today...MUI patricipates in the DSN hunt too. Find the white bottle and you get this great tattoo. However there is a bonus gift too (also a white bottle) which contains a great pair of jeans with writing on them (I am just showing ONE) and 2 different tops, a longer one and a cropped one. MUI also has free Tees at their store, you can find them HERE.


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