Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feeling Naughty?

I promissed you my naughty stuff today so here goes. I was at DV8 and I got this very sexy latex outfit from their lucky chair ;) It made me feel very naughty :) The hair is called Hungover and it is free by Creatives.

Some more latex...I found this sexy red latex suit at Ponka. It comes with a little black leather jacket which can be worn separately too.

And I found these latex swim suits by Plausible body. Aren't they naughty girls? Would you go to the pool drssed like this or would you just wear it to seduce your partner?

This very pink outfit is also in latex and it is called RED devil. No clue why...because it is pink and you would expect a name like PINK devil, but who cares? It is NAUGHTY as naughty can be ! The really colorful bangles are not included. They are by LINE and they are a subscribo gift at the store.

Devicious has a very sexy leather outfit for free. The boots come with the outfit, isn't that great? The hair is a dollarbie (1 L$) by Edelstore, and it is called Melanie.

I found some very sexy over knee boots to wear with your most naughty outfits. They are free by Icewerk.

I am wearing these sexy boots with the Beauty Killer tanks I found (you get 3 different ones) and the PROZAK black pants. The hair is by Curious Kitties and the complete outfit is a very naughty one :)

The tanks also can be worn with this sexy VIKA doll skirt.

I am wearing a pentagram necklace with these outfits. It is by XOPH. You get a male and a female version in one package.

Icewerk has some more sexy outfits for free, I am showing them below. Just hop over to the shop and get the ones you like :)

These naughty tattoos are by XYR. You also get the heart-in-mouth as a bonus with these tattoos.

Catnip has these censored bars as a freebie for you if you are feeling very naughty :)

There was a very sexy dress (called Lillith) by Black Arts I wanted to try on. I am wearing some cute black flats with this dress and they are by VIKA doll. The hair is by Curious Kitties.

I styled this cute Lillith dress also with some very naughty booties by WCI. They will cost you 1 L$, but they are definately worth it :)
Look at the knuckle buckles ;)
WCI also has one with handcuffs on it, also 1 L$.

These booties would go great with the next outfit , by Lotus Noir. It is a guys outfit, but hey it looks great on me too :)
I styled this outfit in leather with cute shoes by BabyMonkey (not free) in a pony skin print and with hair by Tutis, called Bimbo. It is a fatpack with all colors.

This sexy naughty black dress is called Moon Glow and it can be found on Marketplace. The hair is again the Tutis hair.

And if you are still feeling naughty, why don't you try this Lady Gaga Poker Face outfit? It is by SM design and you will have to put 1 L$ down to get it. It is sooo tight it shows every part of your body. The boots are included. The hair is a freebie by Alli & Ali.

The H&H Sony dress which I got for 1 L$ is kinda innocent compared to the rest of the outfits on this blog. But it still is a pretty sexy dress and if naughty things are on your mind I am sure you will be able to do them in this sexy dress. The booties are by WCI (see above).

The last one is not the least one...this is a very sexy naughty outfit. It is called OWNED and wow...naughty naughty...

Naughty shopping ladies :)

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