Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling like a Geek?

If you are (just like me) sometimes are feeling like a geek, there is something special for you going on: the Geek Hunt 2. You have to find a Nintendo ofcourse ! What else would a geek look for?And this is what you can find if you are geeky enough to find the Nentendos at the shops.
Lovecats gives away this very geeky outfit in their Nintendo.
Then I got this geeky outfit at Beauty Killer. The shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable).
For the female geeks you can find this geeky hair at Bad Juju.

You also get a pluchie at Bad Juju...or is it? I am wearing the cute pink top with this...thing...which I found at Grixdale.

Also for female geeks is this dress which can be found at The Sea Hole. The bracelet is a hunt gift at Frippery. The glasses and bow tie are by Pestle & twig.

And WOW I got this Urkel outfit...that is really geek as geek can be. It is hidden in the Nintendo at Boof. I am lounging in this outfit on the gift I got at Tasty. I love the details, the laptop and the juice...

The next shirts are by Indigo oddities and you get them if you find the Nintendo.
Even geeks go AFK sometimes and this shows everyone that you are getting more food or also get this animation at Indigo Oddities.
 More shirts are hidden inside the Nintendo by TGIS. I am wearing the grey shirt over the pink one, but you can also wear it separately ofcourse.
Another cute but not really geeky outfit I found is the one below. It is by Razorblade and a gift at their store in the DSN hunt.

And this cute short dress or tunica is a gift in the TOSL hunt (find the tray with the waiter) at Riddle.

Even geeks wear earrings and jewelry, so I found out. Piddidle gives the geeks in this hunt lovely coral earrings with 2 different type of pearls. They are insid ethe Nintendo.
And the Rubicks Cube earring and ring are a gift at Cracked Mirror.
Mock gives the female geeks a make over with 2 lovely sets of make up.
And Heartsick gives all female geeks a shape and skin. The skin is called Stardust and the geek glasses are included in this gift. The parted lips are also included.
In the top pic I am wearing the skin with my usual shape. In the middle and bottom pic I am wearing the Heartisck shape with the skin.
Find the Nintendo ladies.

This geeky pluchie is a gift by Loka design in the Fab Free group. Join Fab Free and check past notices.

Another skin and shape (and ears) is the gift in the GH2 at Posies. That is really geeky...I am purple?
Because geeks tend to lose their mobile DownDownDown is giving them a mobile on a necklace hidden inside the Nintendo at the DownDownDown store.

Last one for today is the hat the geeks get at the Mad Hattery. WOW it is amazingly well made, nothing has been forgotten, the glasses, the IPhone, pencils, soda and breath mints. And even my fav magazine on top of the hat.


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