Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling like summer?

Today summer is starting but we had showers all day so I wanted to create a blog with SUMMER in my head.
How about this very cute bikini? I have stayed too long in the sun as you can see. Because I am a redhead I burn easy...don't you love the slightly burned skin that is included in this gift in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf). It is a gift by Titzuki.
More bikinis are put in the green leaf by Patchwork. You get 3 different panties, 3 tops and a hip wrap IF you find the green leaf.
Shorts give me a real summer feeling too, so I was happy to find cute sexy shorts and a lovely green top by Razorblade. You have to find the green leaf though from the SBH. Socks are included. The cute espadrilles are a gift by DUH in the SBH hunt (you also get a cute bag).

You also will get shorts at Insanya, also as a gift in the SBH hunt. I am wearing the Razorblade top with these shorts.
The next shorts are a gift by Ancayi.Find the green leaf and they are yours :)
With these shorts I am wearing the top I got in the SBH hunt at Y&R.
The cute feather necklace is a gift by Zenith, also SBH hunt.
These shorts and the top are a gift at American Bazaar. As you have understood by now I was doing the SBH hunt BUT this outfit is in the red bucket from the S&SH hunt ! Find the red bucket ladies to wear this outfit.
I am wearing the necklace with this outfit by LouLou & Co, and this one is hidden in a green leaf.
I didn't only do the SBH hunt, I also did the TOSL hunt. In this hunt you have to find a tray with a waiter on it. But if you find it at BabyMonkey you get these very elegant summer shoes to wear. You have to be fast, the hunt is almost over !
Just you has hidden a very sexy mouth piercing in the green leaf at their store. You have to look closely because it is hard to see on the pic.
K&L has a very sexy Neko outfit hidden in the green leaf at thweir store. But hey...I am wearing it without the paws and the ears and the tail too.
The colorful bangles I am wearing with the outfit are a new release by JD Design (not free).

With this outfit I am wearing a very cute tattoo, called Forget me not. It is by Urban Republic and a new release, so not free, but it is soooo cute!!
More tattoos...in the SBH you can find tattoos too, in dark, medium and light. And even in color! They are a gift by Paradesign. I am wearing the Zenith necklace with them and the short by Ancayi.
Another tattoo is given away by JeSyLiLo in the SBH hunt (find the green leaf to get this tattoo).
Alexohol is not only giving away the cute tray in the SBH, inside this tray is a lovely dress. You have to find the green leaf :)
Another dress is given away by Ducknipple. They are not only giving you 2 different skirts with the dress, but also a warm black sweater for those colder summer evenings :)
And the last one I found in this SBH hunt today is the cute cuddly toy by Ragdolls :) You get a big one and an even bigger one if you find the green leaf.
After hunting I went to the lucky chair at Beautycode and YAY there was an R on their lucky chair and I got this very elegant skin, Holly in light smokey.
This outfit is a gift by MS Artifacto in the FabFree group. Join the group and check notices ladies.
Logo is giving away a big fatpack with free hair. It comes in all colors and it is great summer hair. And that was the LAST one for today ladies.

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