Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is Make me beautiful day

Today I found a lot of cosmetica and jewelry, so today it's a Make me beautiful day :)
I started at Kozmetika (with some help from members of the FabFree group, as I couldn't find the store).
In Kozmetica are lots of designers displaying their cosmetics and also lots of freebies. Find the black lipsticks, they contain the freebies, but some stands have freebies displayed which are NOT in a black lipstick. Just walk around and take a look is my advise.
This first one is by BOOM and they give away 2 shades of eye shadow and pale lipstick too.
More eyeshadow can be found at Mock.
Then again Pididdle is giving away eyeshadow and blush in one :) Quite unusual but very nice.
The next shop at KOZMETIKA is A.E.Meth, and she gives us all lots of blushes in all colors :)
Glixdale also gives away 2 types of blush, one is a powder blush and very soft. The gift includes also bandages on your nose.
Malvada also gives away a blush in combination with an eyeliner.
More eyeliner can be found in the shop that is called Chelle. You get 3 different ones, one with only a line under the eye, one with thin lines and one thicker eyeliner.
P.Art also has eyeliner as a gift in their shop.
Last shop at Kozmetica is AG and they give you a sunscreen.
Then I went over to Sorry Asia and I found the hunt item from the TBBH hunt, which is a blue bucket. In the bucket is YAY more make up :)
Sorry Asia also is participating in the LTEC hunt and you have to find a scrumprious birthday cake. If you do you get this lovely necklace.
STC also has a necklace as a gift, but this time it is a group gift. Join the group and check the messages. And if you do, you will see there are 2 gifts, also a very cute red dress which is a new release. Thanks STC !

Another group gift are these beautiful earrings by Purple Moon. WOW they are amazing.
The next group gift is by BabyMonkey, a lovely watch and it works too. Thanks so much Pixieplumb.
Bubblez also has a lovely necklace as a gift in their store. It was actually a christmas gift but it is still on the front counter.
The nex colorful set is by JD design and I love it. It is so much fun to wear, all those cute buttons. It is NOT free though.
Last one is a lovely ring by Frippery and it is a gift in the Black Butler hunt. You have to find the rabbit with an eyepatch to get this ring ladies.
And that was it for today ladies.

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