Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lets start with hair and end with STARS

Hello girls wherever you are. Today I will start with some free hair.
I got this hair at BISHWEAR and it is free in dark brown. I colored it red as I am only wearing red hair :) See the result.
And I went to Rubisoho. They have a lot of Lucky boards for group members. I was lucky this time and got this hair:

By now you all know how much I love skins, hair, shoes....well SKINS is the next subject. WOW I got some really GOOD ones this time, take a look at the ones I found for 1 L per pack at DULCE:

Kayti skins in all skintones

Lizette skins also come in all skintones even if I took only 4 pics :)

Tiesa skins, also in all tones and also 1 L$ at Dulce.

Dulce also had a lovely gown which comes with skin for 1 L$

Curious Kitties has a cute autumn skin on Marketplace
I LOVE the colored leaves on the cheeks :)

And now some freebie clothes.
First I went to Sweeter than I love their desigsn, don't you?

They are gifts from previous hunts and also new freebs.

OMG I am a fairy Godmother !!!
Comes with hair, skin and magic wand.

Next stop was B! Fashion where I got these 2 lovely dresses:

On to the next shop...Badoura....and what did I get there?
Then I went to Evil Lu and found a few gems there (group needed, joining is free)...You know hwat is funny? The island is shaped like the Evil Lu sign :)

                                              Hint for your hestitating boyfriend???

Last one I found was on Marketplace, a lovely gown in black and white by Sona and you can find it here on MARKETPLACE for 1 L$

And finaly I found these LOVELY stars. It is a free sparkle emitter and you can find it on Marketplace too.
The sparks evolve around .....


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