Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bubblez...who doesn't like Bubblez??? and Impossible and ...and...and...

Girls I found this very cute shop called Bubblez and guess what? They give away sooo many freebies for group members. And they have a wall with lucky boards (yet again...I wasn't lucky...)
You get cute and fun outfits, blue one comes with bubbles :)

But also skins and hair
White outfit comes with boots and sow around the feet.

and more outfits (some are kinda strange like the mongolian princess outfit, 2nd from the left, and some are for guys like the 2nd from the right))

Comes with skin and boots

And very cute jewelry too

Comes with sneakers

these piercings were a gift too, they come with the hair.

The Lucky you can see NO R !

And you get stuff for guys too...a bit too big for me though...I look rather silly in it. At Bubblez ladies and gents !

I went to Kiko where I found a row with lucky chairs (skins) and 2 MM board with make up.

I got a LOVELY gown for free from white with a verye elegant black embroydery.

and YAY I found BOOTS at LaLa Moon in 5 colors...they are great !
Happy shopping ladies :)

Then I went to LaLa moon, they have a wall with Lucky boards (hair)

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