Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clothes, shoes, boots, hair, Xmas outfits, and a bionic arm :)

Hmm when I get so many free items it is very hard to find a place to start. So I will start with Bubblez again. I stood there for a while at their Lucky boards and yes, this time I was lucky. A few lovely outfits but also a BIONIC arm..but also hair and a vampire skin, eyes and shape (not wearing the shape and eyes though)
this is the Xmas outfit from Bubblez (LB)

Hair with goggles
Vampire skin (with shape and eyes, not wearing them)

Bionic arm

Gladrags has 1L$ shoes and boots for the time being (no clue till when, so you have to be fast)
While talking about shoes: Babymonkey has these lovely boots for their group members as a gift. They opened a brandnew store, really worth to take a look at, the shoes are great.

And Y Duck at the American Bazaar has lots of free shoes..I couldn't resist that as you can understand :)
these are my feet in the free shoes
these are my feet :)
Y Duck also has a very cute outfit for free (and some jewelry, I didn't get)
And at YOGI I was lucky too and got these lovely shoes from their Lucky Board:
I also was lucky at Ribbons and got this lovely skirt from their Lucky boards
Paradiso gives away 2 lovely outfits on their MM boards (you get them immediately)

Elegant Epiffany brought out 3 new skins (I only wore 2, the last one was too dark for me, but a great skin too for darker ladies) Group gifts. These 2 are called Nissa and Chloe and the darker one (not shown) is called Gina.

Quite a lot to blog today girls so bare with me :)
Crave has a Santa lucky chair with lovely Xmas outfits. They are fun to wear...I am just showing you 2...but there are plenty in Santas sled.
OK last items. JR*Republic. They have a simple hunt going on: in their store are presents (not very hidden) and you can buy them for 1L$. In them you find skins, bikinis and dresses. They also have loads of groupgifts AND a lot of lucky boards and 1 L$ offers ...

The lucky boards and the 1 L$ offers

The left skin is from the hunt, the other 2 are anniversary gifts for group members.

Glasses are a gift too

Barbie dress below :) with several skirt options

Bikinis from the 1L$ hunt
Dress from Lucky Board.
All at JR*Republic ladies.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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