Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am getting OLD....

Oh my...I was at Baiastice
and I aged get a few very nice freebies there, one is Grandma's closet ..and get this aged shape and skin and eyes AND the clothes. But you also get a cute ballet outfit. Worth to have a look at.

It wasn't really ny day today...I was at Hudsons and ARGHHH I changed into THIS after getting the free mask at their store (2nd floor, look for the red bows)
Good thing Hudsons also has a few very nice items in their lucky boards AND they have more freebies (groundfloor, lok for the red bows) and a cute group gift.

Likka House has a very lovely birthday gift...oh thank you so much, I LOVE this dress :) and congratulations on your Birthday !

That made me feel a lot better :)
Then I went to In her shoes...all shoes are free here. When you enter the shop you get anote why they are free.
Free and LOVELY.

Oh wow...
Oh WOW I love the make up by Elegant Epiffany...WOW ...(group needed)

and by now you all know my weakness for HAIR...this is by LOQ, subscribo gift.

You can see I was very busy today...the next free outfits are by

I went to the Pixeldoll sale...everything is 25 L$ but this gown on the floor was free.

Hmm ALMOST done for today. Only 2 more to blog. First the LOVELY free skins by Rush Lush...they fall from the ceiling in the corner...made me smile so much (you need to have payment info in your profile to enter the sim though)

And my last stop was at Urban Girl. They have plenty Lucky boards and they have a MM board AND they have a hughe sale (10 L$)


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