Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cute dresses, skins and shoes :)

Oh I love Vitas Boudoir, and their gifts are always so gorgious, you can't believe it. This one is from a mini hunt, you are looking for 4 fish...they complete this lovely dress:
AstonisHD gives away this sexy short dress as agroup gift:
And this lovely hair is a group gift by ChiCickie.
Pixeldolls has a 25 L sale but they also have a lot of tops and one skirt for free. Just look at the items on the floor.

Ribbon has 3 Lucky Boards and a lovely 1L gift. I wasn't lucky but I did get the 1 L item :) and most items in their shop are 25 L, so not too expensive.

Zenith also has plenty lovely gifts, some from hunts. Look at the boards in the shop. They have 2 lucky chairs but yet again my luck..R almost never shows up :)

The lollipop is colorchange. 
This one is for guys...
and the sweaters are for both gender.
This one below is a DIMH hunt gift.
Next Umi what a lovely romantic :)
And the lovely hoodie with arm warmers is by M*Motion.
Both free from Lucky boards.

OK over to the skins. First I got a lovely group gift by Elegant Epiffany. WOW what a great skin !

And the other skins are a gift by dead Bunneh, one is a group gift (the one with tattoo) and the crazy one with the mask is from the B for Bonfire hunt.

The hint for the hunt is: Call me reckless, call me weird but don’t put me on your speed dial if you’re not gonna call… (so find the phone)

OK over to my FAVORITES...the shoes. Saved the best for last :)
Yogi had a few Lucky boards which change rather fast and a MM board. Worth the wait there ladies, look below.

                                   Happy shopping ladies :)

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