Thursday, November 18, 2010

YAY I am not old anymore....but very sexy :)

Let's start with Inga Wind today ladies. I went to her shop and the jewelry there is only 1 l...and GREAT to wear because it is also colorchange !

Inga also had a HUGHE box for men and women with older clothes but still extremely nice ones. It is a HUGHE collection, I am showing just a small part of it. You can find it in the freebies part of the store.

At IS design I got 2 lovely bags for rfee..sooo CUTE, I love the breakfast bag with ham and eggs...

And while I was in the japanese mood I went to Dragonlady and got a few hunt items there.

This one can be found HERE

And this one can be found HERE

Sorry Ladies RL is calling, I will finish the blog tomorrow :) Enjoy shopping.

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