Monday, November 8, 2010

Mini Hunt at Wolfmoon and some more goodies :)

There is a mini hunt going on at Wolfmoon and you are looking for a wolfs pawprint. There are 20 to find. The first 7 are furniture and I do not blog furniture so I will show you from #8 till #20...
#8 underwear

 (#9 is a see through bikini,. no pic)

#11 red maiden gown

                                                               #13 dress and flats

#14 bangles

#15 comes with jewelry and shoes

 with jewelry and boots
#17 pants

#20 shoes
#18 top
#19 flats

Crave has it's SANTA chair out already and you get the most lovely Xmas outfits there. Also 4 lucky chairs and a genie in a lamp who grants you one of three wishes :) Look what I got there ladies :)

INKA gives their group members the most sexy leather jacket as a group gift :) Thank you so much :)

And this is how it looks on me :) 

Last but not least BLISS is giving away a new group an amazing dress :)

That is it for today ladies...happy shopping :)

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