Saturday, November 27, 2010

House of Benningburrough, Donna Flora, Ribbons, N@NA and more...

Ladies House of Benningburrough is giving out this GREAT free dress today hurry and get it...perfect for the upcoming holidays :)

On this picture I am wearing ChiChickie hair. They are having a secret sale, 10 colorpacks are marked down to 10 L$. Not going to tell you which ones, but I am wearing one of them 10 L packs :)
Also their GIFTCARDS are 50% off....(perfect gift for Xmas)

Donna Flora gives away a few pair of very nice shoes AND a lovely pink dress.

Ribbons has a very small hunt in store (find a small red box and a small white box) and you get THIS: (hint: Look at the star and look out of the windows)


I stumbled into Tea Lane while looking for new items to blog and found they have a lot of lucky chairs AND they have some freebies in store.

I got this from their lucky chairs:
And this one blow was in their free Thanksgiving gift bag. Isn't it lovely?

I quickly took a look at NANA (actuall N@N@ but the link doesn't work on this blog if there is an @ in the name). They have a few dollarbies, the lovely butterlfy pin and the very nice necklace too.

3 more to go: Paperdoll has a GREAT pair of trousers for free (on the left)
Graffiti Wear has a cute outfit for free too, called Hanky Panky  (on the right). Comes with shoes too.
And the last one for today: AELMAREE. They give away 2 lovely Bikinis :)

Happy shopping ladies :)


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