Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bits and bobs from all over...

Somehow Xmas already is starting because in a lot of shops the trees are out already and you get Xmas presents. I shopped all over SL and brought this home with me:
It is a gift by Fire Roses and it looks GREAT. Gives you a warm Xmas feeling :)

The next Xmas item are these lovely booties by Milady.
BLEH has loads of freebies, amongst them are these very cute Xmas outfits:

I love the one with the lights :)

All freebies at BLEH but there are many more in the shop.

Bliss gives away a lovely new gown for their group members. The blue Paula dress is also in the store for free.
E! had a very nice action ...they send out a note through the BabyMonkey group and you could send in a note to get one of the items from their shop for free. It is worth to take a look at their clothes, they are very much fun to wear.
This is the one I got for free :)

Perfect 10 gives their group members these LOVELY shoes. It is quite hard to get them though, find the RIGHT vendor that gives them (there are 2 in the store). Thanks for the help from the shop owner ;)

I already mentioned BabyMonkey. They had these lovely boots as a group gift and I got the sexy shoes which you can colorchange to your liking (even the bows are changable) from their lucky chair. Thanks Pixie :)

Last item for today is the jewelry from Earthstones. Joining their group is rather expensive but their free gifts are really very cute. I love their jewelry, it is so well made...(both bracelets are group gifts)

Enjoy shopping ladies :)

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