Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wetherby is back ! Gladrags, VDI and lots more

WETHERBY...Hmmm good thing my dear friend Mrs. W is back. I hope you had a very good rest Alejandra :) And I got the most lovely dress with free shoes. But that was get different ones every day as a group member. I bought the lovely jewelry too (only 33 L$ !)

Next I got a lot of free T shirts at Gladrags. They have funny things on them...I loved the hamster one :) They have lucky chairs and lucky dip and freebies :) And the shoes are 1 L each pair and they come in a lot of colors.

Glad Rags also has a few very nice face tattoos, 1 L each

AIR gives away lovely sunglasses with matching earrings and a ring for free :)
I got some lovely things at The Yard (loads of freebies but not all that good...just take a look there and see for yourself). The dress is from the Lucky chair. The earrings were free.

Next stop was Unique. They have a lot of cute gifts for group members. But also lucky chairs and MM boards.
I also got very cute hair for FREE. As a matter of fact a whole WALL is for free at Vanity Designs Incorporated (VDI)

Ofcourse I got the red hair :) but you get all colors in the free fatpacks.

And YES FREE skins again...they are falling from the ceiling at Russh Lussh

And the last thing I got are these very cute MOUSE SLIPPERS on Marketplace for 1 L.
                                           HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !

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