Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ohhh what did I get this time???

Today I went to several stores and I found a few gems for you all. First to Yuzuku. They have loads of freebies, there are vendors in the store and you just have to touch them to get your free skins, hair and clothes. They even have a vendor for GUYS !!! So take your boyfriend, brother, father or partner :)

The free hair I got. They have plenty more and the hair comes in all colors except RED !!!

These are all free skins at YUZUKU. Come in all colors and with all kinds of make up. Look at the very white skins, they come with special eye make up.

YAY XMAS outfits in all colors :)

These are the SKIRTS and SOCKS only, not the top.
And these are the free clothes I got at YUZUKU !!!!
Last is the vendor for the guys :), skins hair and clothes on it, all free.

I love the skins by Elegant Epiffany. Bubble does a GREAT job on make-up (you can buy it separately, but she is also making skins with make-up). There is a Prize board in the shop with this month lovely make-up on it and only 25 clicks. The skins are free at the moment for group members (gifts)
WOW Thank you for doing such a good job Bubble :)

The make up on the prize board at Elegant Epiffany.

Graffiti Wear has cute presents every day. I got the Xmas socks and the fall cute :) I wish it was Xmas already :)

Then I went to Velvet Rythms, they have new stuff on their MM boards and a freebie in store too. You can find the freebie HERE (it's the jacket on the RIGHT below)

 Last shop I visited had a Pointsettia tree which dropped got these: but there are more to find. The shop is called KARLSVALT.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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