Monday, November 22, 2010

Today I went to K&C and they have lots of lucky board in store and a big box for free for group members.

Outfit comes with shoes

and 2 lovely bags
I am really proud of myself because I have been standing at a few lucky chairs JUST to get a few items. First one was at Ribbons and the cute Xmas dressy
Next Lucky chair was at Yogi and I got 2 pairs of great shoes there.

Then I waited for a long time at M*Motion and YES I got the schoolgirl outfit. Doesn't look too great on me though :) Maybe because I am no longer a schoolgirl :)
Then I went to see the Lucky Boards at Neko Kan SL side, but I was not lucky there. I noticed however they have 2 free gifts, cute booties and a dress.
Bubblez gives away lovely sexy earrings as a group gift. THANKS !
At the American Mall I got this lovely AB Biker outfit as a gift.

Couture Chapeau gives away a great fedora hat as a rez day present. Congratulations and thanks :) By the way they have the greatest hats in SL !

At UNIQUE clothing I got this cute gift.
My last stop was at Jazmyn D, I went there for their hunt but it was only till the 21st so no use blogging it. I got a few nice gifts there though...

This very cute dress is from the DIMH hunt at Jazmyn D (look for a diamond)

These 2 are gifts in store.                           
Next to Jazmyn D is Pen's jewelry and I got a few things there. Earrings and necklace eacht for 1 L$ and the other necklace with the star from the MM board. The bracelet was a gift.

And this lovely pink necklace and earrings set is a group gift at JR Republic.
Happy shopping ladies :)

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