Saturday, November 6, 2010

OMG OMG OMG Can you believe this is FREE?

OMG I love this free gown by the House of Beningburrough. You get it in all colors (didn't show them all) but ONLY you have to be fast :) second floor, FREE sign is on the gowns.

And the next lovely dress and two hats I got from Requiem at Worlds End Garden...WOW amazing...

all free for group members.

The next 3 gowns and an ice skating outfit I got from Christmas Winter Village shop. Again it is unbelievable what the designers give away ladies. I want to thank them all for their lovely gifts to us poor SL users :)

Sole Sisters has been one of my fav shoe shops for ages. Cliothe designs lovely shoes and boots and from all her designs you can get a dollarbie. I got these LOVELY white boots and the cute bag to go with them, both 1 L$ at Sole Sisters. 
And talking about boots ....Rose River Saloon gives away these lovely berry booties in a cupcake on the floor. And the cute cowboy boots are a gift from a hunt at the same place. Take a look at the delicate dollarbie scarf on the dummy too ladies.

The rest are bits and pieces I picked up on my shopping spree and I really like you to see them :)
First from Arata Schouten...lovely hair and a necklace for ...
The hair comes in all colors, just showing you 3

Next 2 lovely dresses and male hair from a hunt at the AVENU sim...just walk around the stores (have to join group first) and find the most generous gifts from the stores...

How do you like me with male hair? It is by LELUTKA
Red dress by Biastice  and purple SKIRT (not the top) by MiaMai.

Elymode gives away a cute short dressy and a very nice long pink skirt (no pic)

And Balac gives away a lovely military red jacket (also one for guys) as a opening gift.
Last shop: GLASNOST. They give away a box with older designs and they look like this:

Happy shopping ladies :)

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