Monday, September 1, 2014

It's not all about SLINK shoes.

Morning readers!
Today I am going to start with a freebie by Wetherby's. Mrs. W was a great help to me when I first started blogging and that was about 5 years ago! She has been a close friend ever since and she is still giving away a freebie to her group members every single day! This freebie is posted every day by Mrs. W between 9:00 and 10:00 am SLT. I blog every day, which is a lot of work, and that doesn't even involve designing, so I can imagine how much work it is for Mrs. W.
So I wanted to show you what you can get on this lovely Monday if you are a Wetherby group member (joining the group is free)!
Wetherby's also has a MARKETPLACE store, and a Womanity Marketplace store, and a Tori's Sin Marketplace store, and the prices of the shoes and dresses are so low, you won't believe it. Just take a peek.
The Monday gift is this great set of the Womanity Sofia loose top. The Sofia mesh leggings are on offer for 39 L$. The cute glasses go very well with this outfit and they are Womanity closed glasses, and they come in 8 different versions and they are yours for 49 L$.
The beautiful skin I am wearing on these pictures is by WOW skins and it is Victoria Dark Tan make up version #1. This skin is available at the Kings & Queens fair. (NOT free, and I will blog all versions later in this week).
The shoes are for SLINK high feet and they are called Olwen. They are by Baby Monkey and they are NOT free (on sale 200 L$ for the fat pack with all 32 colours) You get a HUD with these shoes which changes them into no less than 32 colours!
I just love shoes. I love shoes for SLINK feet, I love shoes for non SLINK feet, I love flats or sneakers or boots. I think a girl can never have too many shoes! So this blog is about shoes. But not for SLINK feet. Some of you don't have those feet and I got questions about where to find NON Slink shoes.
Well here is a good answer: Marketplace!
So let me start with a lovely summer outfit by AVD. This set of a top and pants comes with great killer heels and the whole set is free.
And I found another pair of killer heels, these are by Angel Alphaville and they are free. These beige pumps go great with 2 elegant gowns I found on Marketplace. This first gown in beige is by Ikshu and it is called Dress of hours. Even though there is DEMO on the picture, the dress is not a demo version. (dress is free).
The lovely jewellery is by La Petite Perle and this set is called Gold Pearls (free).

The second dress is also by Ikshu and it is called Altai Maiden outfit (free).
I love polka dots as you all know by now. So I really fell for these cute polka dotted heels by WCI (West Coast Influence). They are 1 L$ and it is not really easy to adjust the feet to your skin as there is no HUD included. You have to adjust the skin in edit and click: edit linked parts. Then click the foot and change the color till it matches your skin. As you can see there still is a slight difference between my skin and the shoes.
Over to another pair of great heels. I love the blue colour of these ones, and these pumps are by DUH. They will go great with a gown, a sweet summer dress or with jeans. The pumps are free.
DUH has some more great freebies on Marketplace. How about these fun espadrilles in pink?
Or these blue wedges, which are perfect for those summer days? They are 1 L$ by DUH.
But DUH also has thought of our feet on those rainy fall days that are coming for sure. These wellies in black & white are free.
Over to a pair of more sexy boots. These high heeled boots are by ShuShu and they are 10 L$.
Shushu also has a pair of boots for free on Marketplace if you like a more tough look. They are called Noble and they are 1 L$.
ALB on the other hand, has these colourful boots on Marketplace for just 10 L$. You can wear them with or without the socks.
Then I found these cute flats in 2 colours. They are by MidiNette and they are free.
ZUF has some great Bohemian sandals on Marketplace, but again they are very hard to adjust to your skin. There is no HUD included and you have to use Edit -> edit linked parts to adjust the skin. However these sandals are free.
ZUF has a pair of Dutch clogs for free on Marketplace and as I am Dutch I could not skip those on my shoe blog.

And my last find for today are these Japanese shoes by ZUF. They come with a Japanese hat and they are free. I am wearing SLINK flat feet with these shoes, but they are actually for system feet.