Saturday, September 27, 2014

Leaves are falling...

Morning Readers,
I don't know if you are living in an area where you have 4 seasons. I am jealous of those who have summer all year round, but Fall has something special. The leaves are turning gold, brown and red, the scent of earth is in the air....
Leaves are falling and Autumn Fairs are being held. And guess what: there is an Autumn Fair in Second life too. You will see many items from this fair on my blog today.
But I will start with 2 freebies.
This is todays gift for Wetherby Group members. Each day you get a new gift for free, if you are so Lucky to be in the Wetherby group. Joining is free, so why not join and have a look at the lovely designs which are sold for a very low rpice!
These Dalia leggings are the Saturday group gift. But you can also buy a fat pack of these great leggings for a low price at Wetherby's.
The lovely black sweater is from Marketplace and it is 1 L$. It is by M2M and even though the picture shows you a lime sweater you will get a black one.
The skin I am wearing today is Rita darktan by WoW skins (NOT free).
The sexy red shoes are Ina by Aidoru and you need to own SLINK HIGH feet to wear these shoes. Ina come sin many colours and each pair is 100 L$.
The fun earrings and ring are from Marketplace and it is part of a set. The designer is La Petite Perle and the set is called Modern Peacock. For 1 L$ it is yours.
Did you all hear about the Wash Cart sale? On the carts you can find awesome designs from great Second Life Designers and nothing is over 10 L$. But I found this lovely dress at the Somnia cart and it is free. This Wash Cart sale runs till October 6th.
Over to the Autumn Fair on the Four Seasons Sim. This fair runs till October 5th so don't wait too long to go grab the lovely offers they have there!
Let me start with the very cute top Wertina has as a gift on the Autumn Fair. It has the lovely orange shade of fall....and I am wearing this top in the middle of a storm, which is also Autumn. The pose is a gift by Icons of Style on the Autumn Fair including the umbrella.
After this storm I longed for a cup of hot coco to warm up. These great cups are by R&K and they come in several Autumn prints. You can find them in their Gatcha at the Atumn Fair for just 35 L$ per try. 3 versions of a milk moustache are included.
R&K also has these great Autumn frames on offer at the Autumn Fair. 50 L$ for this lovely decoration.
Over to Fashiowl Poses. They have these perfect for Fall poses on offer at the Autumn Market, and they are just too cute to miss ladies. There are several packs with poses and each one is 100 L$ for 4 poses. I enjoyed playing with the leaves! I am wearing a very cute dress while playing around and this dress is by Appear and it is called Jasmine. You can find it on the Autumn Fair for 150 L$ including a hud for all 10 colours.
The lovely shoes are perfect for Fall and they are by Ashmoot. They are called Vanessa and they are for SLINK HIGH feet (NOT free).
Fashiowl also has some umbrella poses on offer at the Autumn Fair, and with these poses I am wearing another colour of the Appear Jasmine dress. You can find this dress at the Autumn Fair in no less than 10 colours for just 100 L$ per 4 poses.
Over to Ashmoot. They have 3 perfect Fall outfits in offer at the Autumn Fair. This first outfit is called Coll Outfit 1. You can get this complete outfit, including the lovely bag and booties for just 150 L$.
And this outfit is called Coll outfit 02 and it is also by Ashmoot. You can find it at the Autumn Fair for just 150 L$ including the clutch and the sunglasses and the lovely shoes.
This third outfit is called Coll outfit 09. Each item of this outfit is sold separate at the Autumn Fair and in total this complete set comes to 650 L$ which is quite a lot....especially compared to the other 2 outfits.
I would suggest to get balloon shorts from Marketplace, like these ones by MissCris, which are 10 L$. And get stockings by Jeanettes Joint for 1 L$ on Marketplace. Maybe get a free bag from Miss LT Creations from Marketplace. And sunglasses...also free on Marketplace, these ones are by DERP. Maybe add some booties in brown for 1 L$? How about these by K-Room? They are colour change. We need a jacket too...MonaLisa has a lovely brown one for 45 L$. Last but not least we need a top...this one by Pallas Athena is 1 L$ and will go great under the jacket.

Ashmoot also has these elegant lipsticks on offer at the Autumn Market. These lipstick layers are 50 L$. There is also a lovely lingerie gift at the Ashmoot stand (not shown).