Thursday, September 25, 2014

Take a stroll along Marketplace!!

Good morning Readers!
Put those comfy shoes on, and get ready for a long stroll along Marketplace.
I found some great goodies for you all.
But let me start with the Thursday gift by Wetherby's. Joining the Wetheby's group is free and you will get a new gift each single day! Today this elegant Rose back crossed pants stuit as a gift. And as usual you can buy a fat pack of these outfits for a very low price!!
The lovely shoes are Ina shoes by Aidoru and they are 100 L$. You need to own SLINK HIGH feet though to wear them!
The lovely skin is Rita dark tan by WoW skins and Rita is available at the Designer Circle till September 27th for just 99 L$ per skin tone.

And now for my Marketplace finds. How about this lovely warm sweater and socks combination, which is perfect for Fall. This set is by Am I Kawaii and it is just 1 L$.
The jeans capri jeans are by J.J.Pooodle and they are free.
Then I punt on my Blackburns jeans (you get a blue and a black version), which are free on Marketplace. With these jeans I am wearing a beautiful warm sweater by Earth & sky, which is also free. You can wear this sweater also as a short dress. The cute booties are Laced and strapped booties by Blackburns and they are free.
You could also decide to wear the booties by Ziva's Underground with the outfit above. These wellies are free and perfect for the rainy fall days!

The next set is called Roxy Winter set red. This set includes a pair of jeans, a black top, a red sweater and a pair of awesome boots! The set is by Roxana Paulino and this set is, believe it or not, FREE!.
The lovely Pearls can also be found on Marketplace. They are by Lazuri and the whole set is colour change. And it is free.
Then I found these cute faded jeans by The Bottom Line. They are free on Marketplace. The cute tops are by AKRO and they are 5 L$. You get full perm templates and a lot of ready made textures are included, so you can change the tops in Edit.
The fun jewellery set is by La Petite Perle and it is called Sammy. This set is free.
Now you could decide to spice up the black version of the top above with the cute scarf Edge Grafica has for free on Marketplace.
Or you could go for the lovely necklace by Bubblez Style. This flower necklace is just 0 L$.
Over to some dresses. Even when it is fall, I am sure you want to wear a dress every once in a while! This cute asymetric zebra dress is by Fuel and it is free.
I decided to wear one of the set of 3 pairs of shoes by Patula's House with this dress. The set of 3 pairs of shoes is free, but they updated it before I could blog it. So now you won't get the white ones with the flowers, but you will get a yellow pair.
I found this cute VIPS Creations cocktail dress including the shoes. I really couldn't believe it was free, but it is! It is so elegant and the shoes are included...and free!!