Sunday, September 7, 2014

Made in Holland??

Morning Readers!
I already let you all know that there is a Made in Holland hunt going on. And as I am made in Holland, I can't ignore this hunt! You can find a HINT & LINK PAGE here, which is very helpful. You are looking for an orange lion (the Dutch national symbol). The hunt gifts are all free. The Made in Holland Hunt runs till September 30th and my friend Gaea is participating in this hunt. If you can locate that lion at her ~GS~ shop, these 3 lovely Dutch dresses are yours!
The lovely skin I am wearing is KimY by WoW skins. You can find this skin in 3 skin tones at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per skin tone. Appliers are also available. I am wearing extra lipstick with this skin.
The lovely Pearls are by Lazuri and this set is free on Marketplace. The set is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the metal and all Pearls, but there is also an option to change just a few Pearls.
Then I went to the Designer Circle to find these awesome dresses by Pink Cherry. The dresses are called Rouched Mini dress and they come in 4 colours. Each dress is 100 L$ but they are just too good to miss ladies.
I styled the dresses with the lovely Marzia set by Lazuri, which is on offer for 475 L$. The set is colour change, you can change the metal, the little gems, the drop gems and the center Pearls in colour.
There are some more great offers to find at the Designer Circle. You could decide to get these awesome shoes by HollyHood at the Designer Circle. They go great with the dresses above! They are called Frazini shoes and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. Each pair is 99 L$ but you get a silver and a gold spiked version.
Or, if you are a bolder type of woman, you can get these sexy boots at the Designer Cicle. Those boots give the lovely dresses above a more tough look. The boots come in 3 versions and they are by Mu-Shi Doll. Each pair is 99 L$.
If you want to spice up the dresses in another way, you can get for example the lovely jewellery by La Petite Perle. This lovely La Fleur set is free.
But if you are a more fun loving type of woman, why not grab this cute black Mustache Bag, which is by Keem. You can find it on Marketplace for free.