Saturday, September 13, 2014

What ever makes this girl happy...

Hi there Readers!
Happy Saturday! Today on my blog a lot of things that make me happy. And I hope they will make you happy too! How about free hair, new shoes and great nails...did that bring a smile to your face?
Well it's all on my blog today. And more!
So let me quickly start with the lovely group gift B!asta has for their group members. This sweet skirt & top are called Back again and you get the green version for free. Joining the group is 50 L$.
The lovely hair I am wearing above and with the pics below is by D!va and it is from their Lucky boards. You can wear it in several styles, with a bun, or without the bun or with an extra tail. And you get 2 versions of this hair!
D!va also has several group gifts out. They are not new but if you are new: joining the group is free.
B!asta is participating in the Twisted Hunt. This hunt runs till September 30th and it is a very hard hunt. You are looking for a rotating cube in this hunt.
However there are some SIDE games at B!asta in this hunt. At their store there are 10 boxes hidden. Each box contains a male or a female gift and a HINT to where to find the next box. The gifts in those boxes are these elegant sandals (for SLINK MID feet) or the great corduroy male jackets. Yes MALE....but I am wearing them anyway. What is wrong with a boyfriends jacket? Love them !
And these are the male jackets.
And there is more. B!asta has this Twisted Gatcha machine at the entrance of their store and each try is 25 L$. You can win these lovely nails in lots of colours. Just showing you a few options below. LOVE the broken glass ones !!!
Now if you find all 10 boxes: At the end, the 10th box holds the hint that leads to the main prize of the hunt: the final price in the Twisted hunt. This sexy gown with HUD, which is the hunt gift at B!asta.
This is Wetherby's Saturday gift. Wetherby's has a new freebie every single day (thank you so much Mrs. W !) and joing their group is free. But that is not all...their MARKETPLACE store has awesome shoes for low prices and lovely outfits and jewellery also for very low prices!
The lovely shoes are Mia shoes by Aidoru (130 L$ per pair and they are for SLINK HIGH feet).
 And my last find for today are the great 60 L$ offers SLC has on offer till WEDNESDAY. You can get these awesome tunics with belt, jeans and boots for just 60 L$ this weekend! There are many colours to chose from, I am showing you below just a few options.