Sunday, August 31, 2014

A one stop blog today

Hi there Readers,
No I am not lazy, no lazy Sunday for me. But I found these awesome group gifts at Lineal Rise Design and I just wanted to show them to you. Joining the Lineal Rise Design group is 10 L$ but you get all I am showing you below. The group gifts are scattered all over the store. If you want to find them all, walk around and find them, or do an area search for GROUP GIFT and they will show up.
ATTENTION: These group gift will be gone before end of the week. So if you want them, hop over FAST and go get them!!
So not much typing for me today and not much reading for you, but plenty great outfits for just 10 L$.
This is the August 2014 gift.
The lovely jewellery is the Halle set by Lazuri. This set is NOT free, but it is colour change, which means you can change the colour of the metal (gold, silver or black) and the large pearls and the small gems and  that way you can adjust it to every outfit you want to wear this set with.
This is the July group gift.
This is the June group gift.
This is just called Group gift.
This is the September group gift. You get 2 skirt versions.
This is the October group gift.
The elegant shoes are by Essenz and they are called Detroit (NOT free). They are for SLINK HIGH feet.
This is the November group gift.
This is the December group gift (just the PARKA, not the jeans and shirt).
And Lineal Rise Design also has a Midnight Mania board and I got this lovely outfit from this board.